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I try to eat locally as much as possible but it isn’t always easy. Sometimes I need to run into a supermarket at laser speed and don’t have time to shop around. That is why when I can’t find local products I have trusted brands I turn to.

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Land O Lakes is one of those brands. I’ve happily used their butter, cream, and eggs for years. I like that I don’t have to feel guilty or suspicious about their products. I trust Land O Lake eggs because they are produced by hens fed a premium vegetarian whole grain diet have no added hormones, antibiotics, animal fats or animal by-products.

Land O Lakes Eggs I

When visiting my husband’s family during the holidays we wanted to cook a dessert at great grandmas house but needed supplies. We headed to Price Chopper picked up a dozen eggs  and my husband prepared the most delicious bread pudding I’ve ever tasted.

Pick up a dozen Land O Lakes eggs and try this recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

In the meantime enter this fantastic giveaway for a chance to a premium Land O Lakes gift package (valued at more than $150) that includes an All-Clad Omelet Skillet, a $50 VISA gift card, a full-value coupon for any variety of LAND O LAKES® Eggs.

Land O Lakes Eggs I

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*Disclosure: Although Land O Lakes supplied me with a product to review, I am a longtime customer and the above opinions are honest and my own.*
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  1. I love love love when my Dad makes me “egg in a cup”. It’s a soft boiled egg (in a cup duh) with toast cut up into little tiny squares. Sooooo yummy. He used to only make it if I was sick or on special occasions so it’s a comfort food for me, and I LOVE it when I get to have it :)

  2. I like scrambled eggs with pancakes.

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  5. Eggs over easy, and dip my buttered toast in it.

  6. My fave way to use eggs is to make french toast.

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  10. I like to use eggs for omelets, egg sandwiches, or french toast!

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  12. My favorite way to use eggs is in making my super moist cornbread. Yum!

  13. I like to make egg sandwiches I fry up the ham in butter and brown sugar and than fry the egg with cheese on top and put it all on an english muffin Its so good

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  16. I like to use eggs for breakfast sandwiches, yum!

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  18. We love to have scrambled eggs for dinner! I also enjoy making egg sandwiches.

  19. I really do not like eggs… I do however like $50.00 visa cards and new skillets…. lol. Really and truly I do not care for eggs, I do cook with them when I need to such as cakes, cookies etc. My husband loves them though! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  21. I love using eggs to make baked goodies and for Bacon, Egg and Cheeses! YUM!

  22. Our new favorite thing to make with eggs isan Egg in the Hole. So easy even my husband can make it!

  23. What a great giveaway!!!! I love using eggs in stir fry, and also hard boiling them for a snack. I like that they’re healthy and packed with protein. They’re really good for the clean eating I’ve been doing and the fact that this brand doesn’t use any icky hormones and stuff like that is even better.

  24. Mmmmmm, I love love love over easy eggs. I despised them before I met Steve – I was a scrambled egg girl all the way – but over easy eggs are one thing (among many) that he made me try. And we have a stainless steel pan set – eggs stick to them like crazy and they SUCK.

  25. I love scrambled eggs.. They are soo yummy.. I get in the mood for sunny side up everyonce in a while 😀

  26. Omlettes :)
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  29. I love fried eggs with rice.

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  31. I like making scrambled eggs with cheese.

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  34. My favorite way to eat Land O Lakes eggs is over easy with buttered toast. I love how fresh the yolk taste. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  36. I love egg sammiches! Fried eggs, on buttered toast! Easy and yummy!

  37. I like to use eggs by making a circle cut-out in the bread and frying the egg in the middle of the bread (it has a name, I forgot it:)

    That’s my favorite way….fry it on low heat so the bread is nicely toasted.

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  39. I love Omelete’s of all kinds!

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  41. My favorite thing to do with eggs is bake! Cookies, cake, banana bread…yum! I also love a egg and cheese on a english muffin!

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  43. It might be a little boring, but I just love hard boiled eggs.

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  46. My favorite way to use eggs is old fashioned “over easy”….and dip my toast in the runny yellow parts!

  47. My favorite way to use eggs is to get my 10 month old to shut up when he’s starving. It’s a sure thing.

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  50. I like eggs scrambled with onion and potatoes with a few dashes of curry powder.

  51. My favorite type of eggs are scrambled egg whites with some ham and cheese. Mmmm!

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  54. i have a new favorite way to eat eggs: in a pot roast hash! diced potatoes covered in shredded pot roast, covered in scrambled eggs. mmmm!!!!!

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  57. Hubby and I love making breakfast sandwiches, especially on cold winter days. English muffin, egg, slice of ham, slice of cheese…delicious!

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  59. I like making omlets

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  62. omelets- any kind- are the best!

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  65. I love making mexican omelettes. The familys favorite!

  66. My favorite way to eat eggs is Huevos Rancheros!