Caillou. Banned.


Caillou is a douche. There I said it. You know you have been thinking it. I did you a favor. Don’t judge me. I banned him from my household. I could not stand the whining anymore.

I am not opposed to allowing my children to watch some carefully selected television. Key words: carefully selected – the other day I was mindlessly flipping channels while P played nearby and a Mob Wives commercial came on, the chicks were fighting and P started yelling PUNCH!PUNCH! and began toddler shadowboxing. It was terrible.

Sometimes I absolutely need to distract P with the television in order to take care of C. I think PBS is wonderful and P is allowed to watch all of their programming. Except Caillou. No more Caillou.

I did not introduce P to Caillou. It came on after Curious George or something and he became interested immediately. I asked him why he liked Caillou so much and he told me: “Daddy. Tools. Rocket ship. Blast off”.

It makes perfect sense. P is a total boy and is currently super into tools and outer space. The opening sequence is what lures him in with that pretty rocket ship they show catapulting into space (do things catapult into space? I believe they launch. Whatever).

What P doesn’t know is that Cailliou is an obnoxious whiny little douche. I do not like how he pouts, whines, and pronounces his Ls. I used to think that everyone that disliked Caillou was completely out of their minds. Its a cartoon how bad can it be? BAD. Little dude needs some boundaries. His parents allow him to run a-douchey-mok.

One thing I will miss is the frumpy mom. She always made me feel hot but apparently according to a Twitter friend she is pregnant. So now I just feel like an ass for comparing myself to a pregnant cartoon in order to feel better about my sloppy ass self.

No more Caillou. That is all.

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  1. OMG, I could not agree with you more! I so wish that I had written this post because it is everything that I feel about that cartoon and yet so much more.

    This is truly a public service announcement . . . Do NOT allow you children to watch Calliou . . . unless you want them to become whiney kids who use the term “That’s not fair”.

    Banned in our house as well!

  2. Oh yes. I totally hear you on this one. We had to ban Caillou in our house too because it was making the toddler whiny. A few of the episodes she had seen a few times so she would start to try to whine her way into things like Caillou did. I was annoyed. I banned the cartoon.

    Also? I didn’t think the mom was pregnant? I thought they just had Caillou and Rosie? And don’t EVEN get me started on how annoying it is that Rosie never develops at all…
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  3. Totally agree!!!! I can not figure out why anyone wants their children to watch him!
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  4. AMEN. I told my son that the only person he’s allowed to make fun of is Calliou because mommy hates him and he’s a whiny wimp. And the only people I hate more than Calliou are his parents for naming him that. And his stupid sister.

  5. i fucking HATE Calliou. word.

  6. This is too funny. We don’t (and never will) watch Caillou in this house. Thanks for the heads up to avoid it!!!

  7. Love. this. post. That is all

  8. Try watching Caillou in French! The voices are even more annoying and whining… For the record, Caillou is spelled like this C-A-I-L-L-O-U. It mean “pebble” – in reference to his bald head.

  9. I hate Caillou. No joke. My son LOVES him, I can not stand him. It is such a dumb show.

  10. Wow. That was too funny…but I so agree.
    Uggh, when I actually sit here and think about it that little dude does whine too much. I think I am about to do some further analysis on a few other cartoon characters now that you brought this up.

    And like you…I never formally introduced my son to Calliou…1. I can’t spell his damn name either 2. He’s annoying (as my child can sometimes be – why get a reminder elsewhere)…I think I left the television on too long after one of those other shows.
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  11. I’ve never seen Caillou but it’s on Netflix – I’ll have to check it out after the kids go to bed. The ones I can’t stand are Max and Ruby! Max is a brat and Ruby is a bossy bitch. And where the fuck are their parents???
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  12. I actually asked Cody if he wanted to watch Caillou one day and he said “No, I hate Caillou. He talks like a baby.” My son said that when he was THREE. Go Cody!

    I freaking hate Caillou too.
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  13. I hate Caillou. He’s been banned in my house for nearly 10 years now. And his mom is only pregnant in some of them. :) (every so often we accidentally flip when it’s on)

  14. We’ve managed to avoid it so far. Wait, why is he bald? Seriously. Was he sick? Or was it just a really lazy cartoonist?
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  15. We know a kid who looked exactly like Caillou, so we’d watch it and feel kind of freaked out. And how’d he end up with a name like Caillou and then his sister gets away with Rosie? Who are these people?

  16. I always wondered how he got the name “Caillou” WTF kind of name is that?!? Then I found out Caillou is Canadian and I was pissed because I’ve never, EVER met a Canadian I didn’t like. Until I met Caillou. *UGH* His whining pisses me off too. Like SERIOUSLY pisses me off. I’d beat that kid and put him in a corner.

  17. Too funny! Thanks for the heads up for future!!
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  18. I hate Caillou. HATE.
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  19. Oh my goodness, thank you for saying this! I hate that Calliou comes on in the mix of all the other good shows on PBS…my oldest kept saying out of no where “that’s not fair” or jumping up and down repeating herself…then I actually sat and listened to Calliou and that’s where it was coming from SMH, like you said it’s BANNED.

  20. haha, I thought this was great. We have not banned Calliou bc my kids love him and they have not started whining. However, if they started to copy him that would be the end. Sometimes I even tell my oldest 3 why what Calliou is doing is wrong.

    Your review of him is right on thank you for the laugh!

  21. Amen. That show is so super annoying. But really, you said every other show on PBS… do you let them watch Barney? Ew.

    And, if it makes you feel better, I don’t think “Mommy” is preggo. I mean, look at how “Daddy” dresses too, with the weird pilgrim shoes. It’s all some weird era-of-their-own-primary-color nightmare of a fashion. So yes, feel better about yourself.

  22. Yes, in the first season or 2, Caillou is a whiny, bratty, annoying douche.

    But the later episodes (the only ones they actually air on PBS Sprout) are actually fantastic! I have many friends who thought I was nuts when I said how much I loved Caillou! Once I caught my first early episode On Demand by mistake, I totally understood!

    So give Caillou another chance. The later episodes are actually great for our kids!

  23. When I was working in a daycare, we had a Caillou. His parents let his brother name him and he was obsessed with Caillou at the time. Guess who acted just like him? Yeah, I don’t know if he lived up to the name, or if it was meant to be. Either way, we don’t watch it.

  24. I have never really had a problem with Caillou. My oldest, who is now 13, loved him when he was a toddler. 6 children later…my 20 month old LOVES him. We DVR’d the episodes but now I think I am going to go crazy if I see one more episode. It would be easier to tolerate if there were more episodes. Funny thing is…I think the voice of the woman who narrates is more annoying than anything else.

  25. I HATE CAILLOU TOO!!! My son has never and will NEVER see an episode of Caillou! He drives me up the wall! Glad to see I am not the only one who has banned him from my house.

  26. LOL! Our kids love Caillou, but I totally get your hatred. One day while it was on I turned to my husband and quietly said, “Caillou is a whiny little bitch.” Our PBS station dumped the show from their line up. I don’t miss it *at all*.

  27. Mason doesn’t watch this, he loves Dora and Diego though, he also likes Franklin but I always try to change it when he’s on cause Franklin is a whiner as well!

  28. LMAO! I haven’t seen this show yet, but I’m guess I don’t want to!

  29. I am so with you! I made this decision ~8 years ago!!!! My oldest is 9 1/2 and when she was one and a 1/2 or so, she started stomping her feet one day in response to not getting her way. I banned Caillou from the house and the stomping stopped. Coincidence? I think not!

  30. Yup, we don’t do Caillou either. Or Franklin.

  31. New Caillou episodes, eh? I’ll have to look into those. Hopefully Caillou has let up a little on the imperious whining, Clementine has gotten a voice-over replacement, and the preschool teacher has received a raise so she can finally replace those lame overalls…

  32. I can’t stand whiny children.

  33. Thank goodness I never heard of him? :)

  34. I couldn’t agree more. I absolutely despised Caillou.

  35. LMAO! So true! Great post!

  36. Wow and we are parents. We must remember the cartoons aren’t meant for us but the kids. I actually like Caillou and my son loves it. Kids will be kids and whiny brats not because of the cartoon they imitate on tv but because they are KIDS and will cry to get their way regardless. I find it crazy that people say these things about cartoon characters who aren’t even real. Guess we have some growing up to do.

    • Maybe *you* have some growing up to do. Start with looking up the meaning of satire. It might do you some good.

    • I watched five minutes of keeping up with the kardashians once and it make my ass big. True story.

    • Yes, Veronica is so CRAZY talking about these cartoon characters who aren’t even REAL. Their unreal little cartoon feelings might be hurt from this CRAZY blog post.

  37. Very Bloggy Beth

    Caillou’s mom is pregnant?! I compared myself to her too. Damn.

  38. Quite possibly the funniest post, I’ve read in a long time. And yes, Caillou is a douche. We too have banned him. Luckily, the Kid is almost 5, so he doesn’t really ask to watch him, anymore.

  39. You people are PARENTS? Wow. Sad commentary on who’s raising the next generationn. Calling a cartoon character a douche is suposed to be funny and satirical? Maybe if you’re still stuck in a preschool potty humor mindset. You are without a doubt the worst Mommy blogger I’ve come across.

    • You should probably learn how to spell before you criticize people. Take your sanctimonious non humorous ass elsewhere. Thanks so much.

    • I won’t call Caillou a douche anymore. You’re a douche. Thanks for clearing that up.

  40. Caillou IS a douche. Seriously! I can’t stand him. I don’t get why he has his own cartoon, why he is bald, and why he whines all the time. Gosh he reminds me of….uhh…a whiny bitch!?

    Veronica, I love you and please continue to post your OPINION on things. I love reading your blog posts, especially the ones about these crazy cartoon characters.
    Jenny Georgio-who recently posted… MTV & The LawMy Profile

  41. Worst mommy blogger? I thought mommy blogs gave us a safe place to get these feelings out! My son can’t watch him either, and since I took it away the whining stopped. Fucking annoying ass Caillou! 😉

  42. Is it awful that my husband and I have had a running backstory about how The Parents are actually brother and sister? You only see one set of grandparents. Mom and Dad look a lot alike. C is bald and R never seems to walk correctly. We go on and on. Oh the guilt!

  43. HAHAHAHA!!! YES!!! i have said all these things and more about that horrid little brat. it’s actually become kind of a family joke, as my mom likes to turn on caillou for poppy when we are at her house, just to point and jeer at me. (my mom is kind of an asshole.) (just like caillou.)

  44. Omg, I HATE Caillou. My husband has created this game where he talks like the narrator (that dorky lame-ass old librarian loser) and starts going all dark and sinister about the things Caillou does, like smoke crack. Awful, I know. But hilarious.
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  45. Wow. I feel like I’m missing something. We like the little guy, and our 2 1/2 year old twin girls adore him. They laugh. They play the games. They explore things as does Caillou. I do not find him to be whiney at all. Maybe too goody-two shoes, but whiney? No.

    But maybe he sounds that way to you all for some other reason.

    • Actually we have gotten to the bottom of it. Apparently there are two separate Caillous. The very early seasons are awful and feature a very whiney bratty Caillou. The newer versions are totally fine with us. My son loves them and he is totally allowed to watch those. Thanks for your comment Brad.

  46. hilarious! i must be immune to whining (it’s a gift, don’t be a hater) but my sister HATES HATES HATES this show b/c of the whining and it’s made me skip over it when searching channels. ha! She said she can’t stand the ‘whiney’ voice. I trusted her on this. I may have to watch an episode secretly now. 😉

  47. Oh, Caillou. Don’t get me started. But I do have to say that Caillou’s mom has got it figured out (in everything but fashion, I mean). I don’t think she works, she seems to take a lot of naps, and someone else always seems to be taking care of her kids. I could use part of that deal every now and then!
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  48. I had no experience with Caillou until I saw that you had a serious hateon for him. So I watched. And also hated. But I think with less fervor than you. An interesting and somewhat related point: I read about a study that showed kids who watched educational TV (i.e. Caillou / Dora) instead of fun TV (i.e. adventure time) actually picked up MORE negative behaviors. The educational shows demonstrate 15 minutes of bad, whiney, sulky, mean behaviors from their characters, before they’r wrapped up with a nice “lesson” on being nice in the last 5 min. So, the ratio of bad to good behavior is high. The kids pick up on the bad behaviour because they see more of it and thus improve their whining skills.
    So, for me, no Caillou either. We’re sticking to 100% sesame street. At least for now.
    erica @ expatriababy recently posted… Woe is BathtimeMy Profile

  49. My son has never seen that bullshit in his life! I saw it once and it was soooo annoying I couldnt take it. Sidenote: Somebody needs to knock Franklin’s face back into his shell. Hes a pissy whiner too and he needs his ass whopped.

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  52. I found this post by googling “Caillou is a douche” :)

  53. Hahah, I don’t like Caillou either. Or Max and Ruby (the bunnies).. Or Olivia (the pig). Those are on Nick Jr. I think.
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  54. Caillou is better then all of you, And stop swearing. Caillou is awesome, fools. Stop being such hypocrites. Mofo.

  55. Also, All of you say Caillou is Whiny. look at all your children, (if you’re an adult) And you’re all whining about cancelling it. That would be horrible. It’s a pretty good show, Caillou talks so cute and he’s not mostly whiny. You fools. Take this from a 12 year old.

  56. Can i also mention, When you were a kid you were also whiny. Don’t lie. This was article has ruined my childhood because i was searching for new caillou episodes so i see this and wanted to lash into all of you.

    • I wasn’t a whiny kid. Also you’re hilarious and clearly not a regular reader because the only childhoods I’m interested in are those of *my* children. You? Go watch a caillou marathon.

  57. Subscribing just so I can read more of Veronica’s comments! LMAO@ “Go watch a Caillou marathon” remark. Hahahaha! BTW, This thread is the first thing that pops up in Google when you do a search for “Caillou is annoying” Thought you might like that!

  58. Something to keep in mind here is that there are two “seasons” of Caillou available on Sprout On Demand (at least with AT&T UVerse). One came from 2000, the other from 2006. The one from 2000 I absolutely agree is whiny as all hell, but the one from 2006 is far better. Basically, if it is the one with puppet Gilbert Rex and … uhm.. the turtle… inbetween episodes, then it’s the whiny one from 2000. If it’s got caillou going all musical between episodes it’s the newer less whiny one.

    We limit the amount of TV our little girl watches anyway to about two or maybe three hours grand total in a day. When she watches Caillou, we also limit it to the newer, non-whiny season.

    • …in Addition, Caillou’s a HELL of a lot better than a lot of the crap floating around on the other networks like Nick. Even Sesame Street has dropped in ranking in our home.

  59. “So now I just feel like an ass for comparing myself to a pregnant cartoon in order to feel better about my sloppy ass self.” LMAO

    My 3 year old only watched PBS, but somehow we have been able to avoid Caillou. I will continue to avoid him. Thanks for the heads up.

  60. So funny – because it’s so true!

  61. I was basically wondering if you ever thought of modifying the layout of your web site? It is well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could add a little more in the way of written content so people can connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two graphics. Maybe you can space it out better?

  62. Sprout TV channel Caillou is fine.

    The other channels show the different Caillou shows that have the whiny and annoying version.

  63. caillouandfranklin

    Yes! And Franklin is just as bad! It’s the damn accordion music too, friggin Canadians and their accordion music. Send both Caillou and Franklin to the ‘hood for a month please!

  64. Caillou survivors of the world unite! Truly a very bad representation of us Canadians. As for Franklin – I think he falls more into the “pussy wimp” category!

  65. My son watches Caillou and I couldn’t understand all of the hate. I’ve watched several episodes on Sprout. Although he can be a little whiny sometimes (like almost all 4-year-olds in the world) it usually involves learning a lesson. There are episodes where he is not whiny at all and instead his good nature is showcased. I remember there was an episode where a new kid joins his school. The kid is a little bit older and has some kind of development issue so he is having a hard time adjusting, but Caillou helps him out and fit in with the other kids.

    I haven’t seen the earlier episodes mentioned in some of the posts. However, my advice is to give this show a chance before you dismiss it based only on this article. Now, if you are the type of parent that believes that you can raise a kid that will never whine, then the best of luck to you.