Confession: I’ve been making butter in mason jars.

Who does that, right?


I’ve kept this secret for a few weeks. I can’t stop making small batches of butter. Cinnamon sugar, salted, unsalted, strawberry, and honey butter. Each ball of butter more delicious than the last. I’m sick. I know.

The obsession started when I read one of Meagan’s blog posts which linked to a how to make butter at home tutorial (that is now missing). I *had* to try it. No way could it be this easy. WHY am I just finding this out now? Who conspired to keep this tidbit away from me? A pox on thee. Jerk.

I cook often and wish I could share my creations on my blog more often but if you haven’t noticed my food photography is horrendous. Improving is a goal of mine but I can only do so much in a day and when I’ve got a hungry family to feed pulling out my camera is far from my mind.

BUT I do have time to stand in my kitchen like a deranged butter addicted lunatic shaking a mason jar like there’s no tomorrow. The kids don’t interrupt out of sheer fear I suspect (what on earth is mom doing?) and I get a decent work out at the same time (wear a sports bra).


Start with some room temperature heavy cream. I like to use local cream when possible. In Vermont we would buy it in the prettiest and chubbiest glass bottles.


The cream thickens fairly quickly.


Boom. Whipped cream.

Oh, I’ve also been making whipped cream this way. *Insert shameful looking emoticon* You can judge me but I’ve lost five pounds this month so I’m not doing too shabby.

Maybe eating large amounts of homemade whipped cream and butter IS good for me. 


Shake it like a Polaroid picture ladies. Shake until you feel completely ridiculous. Open the lid. Your cream is whipping. Whipping good (let’s see how many cheesy song references I can make). 


This is not a pretty picture but I wanted you to see what the mixture looks like when the butter forms.

Separate the butter from the buttermilk. Save your buttermilk for future use. I saved mine in a jar for pancakes. It kept for a little over a week.


Carefully rinse the milk solids from your butter ball under cold water until there is no milky reside left.


How pretty is that? Well, It’d be prettier if I wasn’t awful at this food photography thing but you get the idea.

Mix in some salt. Or not. Or mix in some cinnamon and brown sugar. Maybe some vanilla beans? Or some garlic and dill for a steak butter? The possibilities are endless.

Form your butter into a ball or log then cover in plastic wrap. I think it keeps for a week or two but can’t tell you for sure because it gets consumed pretty much immediately.

Have you ever made butter or whipped cream in a mason jar? Why didn’t you tell me it was so easy?

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  1. Shake it like a polaroid piksha!! I’m dancing in my office chair.

    I am going to try this. I’m actually really excited. Thank you for the tip on wearing a sports bra, I will definitely need it. 5-7 minutes? Holy cow. <—— Lazybones
    Ashley recently posted… My Brother’s WeddingMy Profile

    • Yes but leave it out for a half hour or so (as long as your house isn’t super hot at the time) because it all happens way faster that way. Which is so bizarre because when one makes whipped cream the advice is usually to chill the bowl and cream but anyway happens so much faster that way. AND you can take breaks. I wouldn’t say it’s 7 minutes. Try it. You’ll love it.

  2. How have I never done this before? I’m going to make some butter this week for sure!
    Nicole recently posted… Boozy Berry SauceMy Profile

  3. Just saw Kristi’s (Tweeting Mama) tweet. Can’t wait to try this! Boom!!!
    Pamela Gold recently posted… I can’t keep the thoughts in my headMy Profile

  4. That looks absolutely delicious!!

  5. It might get a bit more difficult in very hot weather – we did it in a HOT room once and the butter wouldn’t separate from the buttermilk. We had to cool it down for success.

  6. I am going to try this!
    Rhonda recently posted… What we did on our Summer Vacation Spring BreakMy Profile

  7. Wait a sec – are you telling me if I shake heavy cream long enough it will magically turn into butter? That’s it?

  8. I need to try this immediately!!!!!

  9. True story: on thanksgiving I attempted to make my own whipped cream. I didnt have a clue what I was doing. Like…. Zero clue. We ended up eating dessert with no whipped cream, but we had the most amazing butter ever for the rest of the meal!!!!
    Beth @ Me as a Mommy recently posted… Do you practice natural medicine?My Profile

  10. Yum!! Just found this recipe for the next time we BBQ hamburgers or hot dogs:

  11. You lost five pounds from shaking all those mason jars! A recipe that involves burning as many calories as you consume sounds like a miracle! Heavy Cream is going on the grocery list! Visiting from SITS!
    Kristi recently posted… First Lemonade StandMy Profile

  12. Ever since I learned to do this, it’s the only way I make butter. It’s also the only way I ever have butter, ie: I don’t buy butter anymore – just heavy cream :)

    I love it! And I also blogged about it here:

    Ditto on the sports bra LOL! And the cheesy song references 😉
    Sarah @ Nature’s Nurture recently posted… Dandelions: Friend or Foe? Part 2 (Flowers)My Profile

  13. This is nice. We, meaning my husband and the older kids, made butter using Mason Jars one time. My husband wanted to show the children how butter was made. I think that it was inspired by one Thomas the Tank Engine episode – the one where Thomas ran so fast that the milk was shaken and turned to butter. I think we colored the butter green since it was around St. Patrick’s Day that it was made.

    But we have to do this again – I think the children got tired of shaking the bottle then. :-))
    Imelda recently posted… LET THE SUNSHINE INMy Profile

  14. My Mom did this as an experiment with me when I was young. We actually added a few marbles into the cream as we shook it to help stir things up in there!

  15. Food processor makes it even easier, But you won’t be building those guns for the gun show.

  16. BOOM..that was my mind being blown. My sons favorite show, Chuggington, made some allusion the shaking method, but I thought no way, butter needs a wooden thingy, and churning, and hours of work. It’s a conspiracy! Lol 😀

  17. This reminds me of when I was in elementary school and we made pumpkin bread and homemade butter with mason jars. I think I will try making this again. Thanks for posting.
    Ally recently posted… M&M BlondiesMy Profile

  18. Be careful who you wish a pox on. Don’t you remember doing this in school or girl scouts or something. Actually thought about it since I’ve been reading the ‘Little House’ series to the kids.

  19. Love to make butter at home! Here’s my little cheaty, lazy secret: instead of a mason jar, I use an old plastic peanut butter jar, and instead of shaking it…I put it in a flannel pillowcase, tie it off, and let it tumble in the dryer on the “fluff” (no heat) setting for 20-30 minutes. When it comes out–voila, you have your butter ball and your buttermilk. Of course, we do the whole thing with raw milk cream, but that’s a topic for another day.

  20. My mom used to make this with us kids when we were little. She even passed down her electric butter churn to me, since I’m the crunchy throwback in the family, but I don’t need THAT much butter so it is in the garage next to the hand-cranked ice cream maker. Thanks for reminding me that I can make small batch butter!
    dona recently posted… Shake your diapered booty: a track list for toddlersMy Profile

  21. This looks awesome and I am going to have to give it a try. Thanks for the great tip!.
    Tammy recently posted… Prom!My Profile

  22. This is awesome and I cannot wait to try it myself. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Tammy recently posted… Prom!My Profile

  23. There’s another way to do it in the blender, but I’ve always done it like you do in the mason jar! And yes, butter IS good for you!
    Amanda recently posted… Enchilada CasseroleMy Profile

    • I knew it! If it wasn’t good for us it would’nt be so naturally delicious! Thanks so much for the link and for stopping by.

  24. OMG… My butter loving nine year old daughter is going to dig this! I’m going to the store to get some cream!!

  25. So I am currently trying the mason jar butter and not having much success. I was shaking and shaking for about half an hour yesterday then had to leave so I stuck it in the fridge. Then when I got home later that night I took it back out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature then continued shaking for another hour with nothing (although I am pretty sure I have whipped cream now). Does putting it in the fridge and taking it back out mess it up? What is the realistic time that it takes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hmm I’m not sure taking it out and putting it back in would make a difference – no idea there – but it definitely shouldn’t have taken a half hour. It takes me about fifteen minutes if that. Fill the jar halfway – let the cream sit out for 15 minutes and then try shaking again. Good luck.
      Veronica recently posted… Still waiting.My Profile

  26. I remember doing this in my 1st grade class. Little kids just taking turns shaking the mason jar. We loved it!! Here a tip: Placing a wine cork in with the cream will speed up the process as well! Just make sure it’s from a white wine bottle. I take it out when it’s whipped cream (about 7mins) Then continue until I have butter, maybe another 3 to 4mins.

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  28. I also make butter in jars! But, add a belt & ducktape and you can booty shake your way to butter! 😀
    Cookie recently posted… Watermelon Burrata SaladMy Profile

  29. this is amazing! :)