Crafty Copycat: Cute Periwinkle Doily Garland Tutorial

Are you guys scared yet? I have successfully completed two crafts this month without injuring myself. If you follow me on Twitter then you probably saw me tweet about my awesome new bucket (Don’t judge me. My thrills are cheap these days). I saw this beautiful doily garland on the Project Wedding blog (I have no idea how I encountered a wedding blog. I suspect it was during late night Craftgawker stalking. Who knows?) and thought to myself “Hey! I can do this!”.

After reading the supplies list and seeing that something called bias tape and sewing was involved I backed away slowly from the tutorial and regrouped. I needed to do this the Veronica (cheap, easy, and quick) copycat crafter way.


  • Bucket
  • Ruler
  • Newspaper/Paper towels (used for drying the doilies)
  • Rit Clothing Dye
  • Package of paper doilies
  • Yarn
  • Glue gun (or Fabri-Tac)


    • Mix a few cups of water with enough Rit dye powder to color the water your desired hue (keep in mind that the doilies cannot soak too long and thus won’t retain much color unless your mixture is very concentrated).


    • Soak 5 doilies at a time for a minute or two. Keep an eye on them. You’ll know when they’re ready.


    • Carefully (I used a plastic fork. Classy.) remove the doilies from the dye and water mixture and place on several layers of paper towel covered newspaper (Make sure that the doilies are drying on a surface that they cannot stain).


    • Let the doilies dry completely. Mine took about an hour.


    • While doilies dry measure your yarn to desired length.


doily garland banner 1

You can see up close that the color is not uniform. I threw away some doilies that didn't match. Make sure you each batch of doilies in the dye mixture for the same amount of time.

doily garland banner 2

I used a glue gun to attach the doilies. It worked well & the glue did not bleed through if I was careful.

doily garland banner 3

After I placed the glue along the string of yarn along the inside of the doily, I quickly folded the doily in half onto itself.

doily garland banner 4

Then I ran out of glue. I used some of my Fabri-Tac and it was actually more effective than the glue gun for this project.

doily garland banner 6

This is a sneak preview. I hung the garland on the sprinkler rod. Classing up the dorm room! I plan on making a few more and adding some white Christmas lights. Not bad for now though. I added a little color and whimsy to the room on the cheap AND my kids can't reach the garland to destroy it. Win!

I didn’t measure my yarn because it would have taken me a hundred years to find a ruler. I had to stick my garland to the pipe with a Loveable Label. Don’t be like me. Plan ahead : )

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Cute! This would be a great idea for a party – where sewing a garland might feel like too much work for something you were only going to use for a few hours.