I feel normal again.

Life as an MBA wife has not been easy. I have questioned my sanity and foresight on several occasions. An infant, a toddler, a ton of alone with the kids time, and a tiny overheated apartment? Sure! Sign me up. Good times ahead!

Not so much. I have been tired beyond comprehension and overwhelmed but honestly things are pretty great. If I am well rested then I can deal with anything. Nasty overflowing toilet? Fabulous. Teething, daredevil, climbing up on everything baby? Excellent. Nothing is a major issue if I have slept well the night before. I am happy to be back in that place.

My husband is taking his last final tomorrow and immediately after we are heading to my hometown in Massachusetts. I love going home. Sadly I have a great-aunt that is sick with cancer and visiting her if my first priority. It has been too long since I have seen her (I think it was at my grandmother’s funeral) and she has yet to meet my kids. We have spoken on the phone and she has seen pictures but that isn’t enough. She isn’t feeling well and I do not want to take any chances. I am happy we get to see and hug her soon.

Once we return home we can enjoy a few days with Daddy and then he is back on the grind. He will have a whole new set of classes and challenges to deal with and it’ll just be me and the kiddos again. MBA recruiting is intense and my husband has put forth a ton of energy to ensure that he lands the perfect role for our family. I’ll go into more detail later but for now I will say that it is a little nerve-wracking to not know where we will be in less than two years.

I try to slow down and “enjoy” the journey (I don’t have much of a journey. I am more of a happy shut in that takes care of her kids all day but I live vicariously through my husband and explore the Finger Lakes area when possible) but being unable to plan my own future sometimes makes me nuts.

Will I go back to school? Will my rap career take off? Have you heard my latest mixtape? Its called “I can’t find my Lululemon yoga/sit on my ass drinking pumpkin latte pants and I’m motherf****ing mad as hell”. You should check it out. Seriously though we could be anywhere twenty months from now. In two weeks we are visiting Indianapolis to check out a potential employer and possible new home. Then in November my husband will head to London for Thanksgiving break while the kids and I visit my family in Massachusetts.

I know what you’re thinking: “Veronica you crazy idiot why don’t you go to London for Thanksgiving!?!”. Well, would you take a one and two-year old to the UK for five days during Thanksgiving? Only a crazy person would do that. I am nuts but I have my limits. Also I have no idea how much that would cost but my guess is a lot and we still have a lot more time here to spend. We are considering study abroad (My husband would study. I would take pictures of fancy foreign rocks all day) and need to manage our funds carefully.

I feel normal again. Normal for me anyway.

Happy Monday and here is some cool internet stuff I am enjoying during nap time.

Grown Up Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes: I think I need this in my life. Sadly without the booze because my old self just can’t seem to handle it anymore. Tear.

Baby Rabies: Jill is celebrating her five-year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! I loved this post because it reminds me of me any my husband. From DINK (dual income no kids) to…this : ) – it is an excellent read for those of us who can relate.

Hormonal Imbalances: Diana tackled something that has bugged me for ages. Those cutesy signs on Pinterest that say things like “A house so dirty possums live in it means I am too busy playing with my kids to take out last year’s trash” drive me nuts. I’ll tell you what if I go to your house and your floor is sticky I will not smile to myself and think “Ahh what a great mom!”. I will most likely think you have a crippling Sims on Facebook addiction and are too lazy to get up and mop. I loved this post.

Have a wonderful Monday.


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  1. So Sims is on Facebook? 😛

  2. Here’s the thing. My house (excluding the unused storagey areas) is clean enough. Depending on when you came over, it very well might be a disaster. I pick up toys at nap time and bed time. We pick up puzzles and legos when we are finished. I clean up spills, but only mop at the end of (some) days. My floor might be sticky when you came over. I’m not sure that makes me lazy or otherwise stupidly addicted. Perhaps, it just means I think doing the same exact thing over and over merely hours apart is a poor use of time. Because I would have to mop hourly to make sure my floor isn’t sticky.

    But if I know someone is coming over, I always mop. Are you popping in unannounced? That sort of rudeness deserves sticky floors. Then maybe you won’t do it again.

  3. Yay for normalcy! I also hate those signs, I hate even more that people are all “Amen! Word! Hallelujah!” about them. I have tons of time to play with my children AND wash the effing dishes. Laziness!

  4. THANK YOU Babybabylemon!!!! I was basically going to say the same thing. I don’t think that my house NOT being spotless is a sign of laziness, its more of finding time to do everything right. I can’t possibly clean the house while D is awake because she likes to mess up whatever room I’m in. During her nap time (when I’m home) I clean up her play area and get some cooking done…when she goes to sleep I’m tired too. I like to relax my brain.

    I’m work a full time job, come home and go straight to mommy mode which includes cooking dinner, playing with my child, cleaning up after dinner, giving baby a bath, putting baby to sleep. My house will never be 100% spic and span but I’m not a stay at home mom either. I think if I were to be a stay at home mom the story would a little different…BUT at the same time I see A LOT of SAHM that do not play with their kids because they feel its their “job” to have a spotless house and 3 meals cooked a day.

    I believe there should be a balance. My house isn’t spotless but its definitely not a pigsty either…besides, I pay someone to clean my house 2x a week.

  5. Yay for normal!

    Im a planner too. i hate not being able to plan the future..

    I dont like those signs either.. I dont have kids yet but my husband is alot to clean up after because he tends to just leave thing lay around. that drives me nuts! lol

    hope you have a peaceful week

  6. I totally know how it feels to not know what’s next and how difficult it is. We’ve been living that way for 3 years now and it is no fun. I try to enjoy it, take it on as an adventure. But with kids and school and everything else it’s so hard. Try to enjoy the ride but take care of yourself too!

    And I loved the link about the clean house from Hormonal Imbalances. Completely on the same page there!

  7. Super sweet picture of your girl! Love the punch of color and composition. So glad your family is getting the chance to spend quality time with your great aunt. Safe travels!

  8. Being a mom definitely means having a full plate for all of us, but you’ve got a couple helpings to spare it seems! Glad you’re finding a normalcy in the midst of it all… that’s the best we can do for our kids! I love that you hit a nerve with the pinterest reference… because it reveals what I love about Momma’s in general… we will stand by our decisions because even if it’s not apparent to the rest of the world, we do make our choices {mostly} consciously. And I’m not saying whether or not my floor is sticky!! That picture is absolutely divine, btw.

  9. It makes such a big difference when you get enough sleep. My fuse is so short when I’m buzzing around on zero and I feel bad for that. Being a SAHM is no joke, especially when your baby daddy (yea I said it) can’t help as much as they would like to. It’s all for a good reason, though, and will pay off in the end.
    I know it’s hard but don’t stress too much about where you’ll end up. I don’t know, either, and if I let it – it drives me nuts. R will be deployed for a year but after that- nobodyyyy knoooows. I figure as long as we’re together and we’re all healthy we can get thru anything. And, I can almost assure you that your next place will be bigger than the one you’re in now. 😉
    Enjoy your trip!