My new lens.

It’s my favorite time of the year. I’m in love with the chilly mornings, warm afternoons, changing leaves, and crispy air. Football is on, my sweaters are out, and the darkening sky has tricked my children into sleeping earlier. It’s heaven.

My new to me lens is a 50mm macro*. I chose this lens because I really love the focal lens and Tracey Clark recommended it in one of her books (I’m a big fan of her work so I take her written advice seriously). My 50mm 1.4 is my favorite lens but it doesn’t focus well very close up. The macro, while it isn’t going to give me true macro shots like life-size insect images (which is the last thing in the world a chicken like me wants to shoot), focuses much closer up than my 1.4.

It’s a fabulous lens and I’m happy with it but I obviously have no idea what I’m doing. I know nothing of macro. I’m mostly walking around like “Hmm, let me get really close to this shit”. I’m having a good time but have a lot to learn.


I tried taking shots of this tree in the past. The crinkly texture and pretty rust color drew me in. They never looked quite right with my 50 1.4 or 35 but I like these.

It’s just such a cool tree. To me anyway.

Any macro tips for a newbie?



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  1. I need to use my macro lens more than I do. I use the excuse that it’s manual only (but that’s a lame excuse, really). I think the approach of fall is a good enough time as any to bring it out though.

    Hope you have fun with yours, I’m looking forward to more photos with it :)
    Satakieli recently posted… Hunting for AcornsMy Profile

  2. I’ve used my macro ONCE! I really need to use it more.
    These are gorgeous :-)
    Jupiter recently posted… [Food Stamp Food] Last week’s menu and Joel Berg on “How to End Hunger in America” (a must watch)My Profile

  3. Looking pretty awesome! Seems super sharp too! I like the texture on these a lot.
    Nina recently posted… Boom BoomMy Profile

  4. “Let me get REALLY close to this shit.” <– LOL.

    Jealous of your skills and toys? What do I have to doooooo to take better photos? What books? Sites, etc.? Should I take a class? I should, shouldn't I….

    I know! A new DSLR! For Christmas! My Canon is about 6 years old. :( :(
    Tracy recently posted… Pick’em earlyMy Profile

    • That *is* what I do. I look insane. My kids must think im deranged.

      Oh youre sweet but you just have to do what I did. Some reading and lots of shooting. Let me know if you want a book recommendation. Also depends on how *you* learn. Im good at self teaching but others thrive under workshop environment.

      Try clickinmoms free for a week using my code: & VERONICATRIAL and let me know when youre in. Ill point you to all the amazing free tutorials that helped me get started. Then if you decide to join I can hook you up with m discount code and you can try a workshop if you want to. I grew a ton after taking Shooting 101.

      AND if your camera still works keep it. Use the money for a lens or a workshop. Its not the camera :)
      Veronica recently posted… My new lens.My Profile

  5. These are great. I want a true macro lens sooo bad.
    Sarah recently posted… Paper Coterie {WW #58}My Profile

  6. I want to touch the trees. So cool. I want a macro lens. I’m pretty sure my method would be very similar yours: “Let me get REALLY close to this shit” That line cracked me up.
    Nicole P. recently posted… Nearly Wordless Wednesday: DentistMy Profile