Panasonic Lumix G5 Camera Review and Giveaway

Photography is a huge part of my life but I try not to let it become intrusive. Fiddling with a camera during a special moment is not my idea of a good time. I save experimentation and self-teaching for when I have one of those magical yet rare moments to myself.

When I’m out and about with my family I don’t want to miss out on the fun because I’m adjusting settings or looking down at my camera screen. An easy to use and adaptable camera fits perfectly into our lifestyle. The Panasonic Lumix G5 is an impressive camera that’s packed with powerful features but also simple to use. I’m a photography nerd and read the full Lumix manual before shooting my first picture. The advanced features this innocent little camera was packing blew me away.

If you’re a hands-on learner that’s totally fine too. The G5 is extra user-friendly straight out of the box. No steep learning curve involved which is convenient especially around the holiday season. Unpack and get shooting. Whether you’re the occasional photographer or a professional looking for a practical addition to your gear lineup you’re bound to fall in love with some of the features.

I was psyched about the color temperature and white balance settings, ability to shoot in RAW, and LCD touch panel. My husband, the occasional non obsessive photographer in the family, liked the small size, easy to use menu, and the scene guide.

The scene guide is amazing. It showcases 23 different images taken by professional photographers in different settings to help you choose the scene that most resembles what you’re shooting. Scenes include backlit softness, sweet child’s face, vivid sunset glow, appetizing food, and more. It’s a great feature for beginner, casual, or amateur photographers that allows you to learn while you practice.

As awesome as the scene guide is it’s not the most exciting feature on the camera. The Lumix G5 has 14 built in creative filters to give you creative control of your photo processing as you shoot. It’s incredible. Preview the finished product on the gorgeous touch screen and shoot. Options include: toy effect, miniature effect, low-key, and sepia. Fourteen fun filters to choose from and inspire you to have fun with your photography.

I turned the Panasonic Lumix G5 over to Preston for a little fun. I love that he has taken an interest in photography and I wasn’t nervous sharing the Lumix with him because it’s a manageable camera. Its size is one of my favorite things about it. I have small hands and it fits perfectly. Preston had no problems handling the camera and had a blast playing with the different filters.


No filter


Impressive Art




One Point Color


Toy Effect

Preston had a lot of fun using mommy’s “fancy camera”. He liked the different effects the filters had on his pictures too. My favorite filter is the Dynamic Monochrome. It’s a black and white filter but I used it as a self-teaching tool. Monochrome shooting helped me pay closer attention to light and shows in my images. Preston liked making his colors pop and enjoyed using the High Dynamic filter.

The Lumix G5 performs well in low light. The kit lens is silent, versatile, and focuses quickly but there are other lens options as well. My pictures were noise free and the resolution is phenomenal. There is a pop up flash if you need it but in most conditions it wasn’t necessary. If you enjoy making home movies the full HD 1080 60P video capture is perfect for you. You can selectively focus by touching the screen for professional results. It’s truly impressive yet simple to use. You can use filters while shooting movies too.

You can get free shipping at until December, 31 2012!

How would a Panasonic Lumix G5 help you and your family take more creative pictures? Answer in a comment to be entered for a chance to win a Panasonic Lumix G5 camera! (Please note that a winner will be chosen from a pool of all participating reviewers’ blogs.)

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  1. My three old son would love to take more pictures! He is very creative!
    Ann G-B recently posted… High 5 for FridayMy Profile

  2. I love that it is a great camera in a small enough size to not be super bulky to carry around with you to the park or on vacation.
    Sarah recently posted… Binding Stitches: Jotters with Leather Covered BindingsMy Profile

  3. I think that a camera like this would encourage me to take better pictures – not just iPhone photos :)

  4. I think it would be fun to have filters built in to the camera.
    Amy recently posted… Butterscotch VodkaMy Profile

  5. I never have any pictures that include me because I’m always the one with the camera. With the Panasonic camera, everyone is going to want to play with it so I won’t be on photography duty all night!

  6. This camera would help capture keepsake memories, instead of the blurry bad lit iphone photos I seem to only have. Fantastic camera!
    Beth @ recently posted… Easy Thanksgiving DecorMy Profile

  7. I would love to win the camera. I used to have an SLR back in the good old pre-digital days. But they are out of my price range now.

  8. I think it would help me to take more creative pictures because the pictures would be so good from the outset – I wouldn’t have to fiddle with them using photo editing software. Most of my pictures are currently living in my computer awaiting editing and never get seen.

  9. So cool! Thanks for the giveaway. I need an easy to use camera in my life. Due to our work schedules, Chris takes the kids out for “family” event without me frequently on the weekends and he flat out refuses to use the big camera so I have no pictures from these events. Having an easy to use camera would make things so much better for us!
    Nicole P. recently posted… 7 Reasons Why Montessori RocksMy Profile

  10. Having a small camera for my husband would be great! Maybe then, he would take more photos! And Pookah too!
    Rose’s Daughter recently posted… MondayMy Profile

  11. I have wanted to work on my photography skills for a long time now. We have a bulky camera my husband uses and a small digital camera. This would be the perfect size for me!

  12. I tweeted but can’t get the link… my name is hollshappily and I mentioned you in the tweet.

  13. As my son has gotten older he’s not as willing to ‘pose’ for the pictures I take with my phone. I would love to have a real camera for us to take fun family pictures and introduce him to photography in a fun way.
    Laila (@OnlyLaila) recently posted… Party BluPrints E-Gift Guide #holidayguide #cbiasMy Profile

  14. considering my camera broke and all i have to take photos is my cell phone camera – which i use obsessively – this would totally help me take more creative pictures!

  15. I’ve been looking for a new camera for a while now, but due to recent events, I won’t be purchasing one in the near future. I’d love to be able to take better pics of my kids and the built in filters sound awesome -I’d love to try them out!

  16. It would be nice to have Nice Quality pictures that are easy to take & not use the “Normal” camera on my phone!

  17. Nice blog entry. Great details, even better pictures! Hopefully I can try it out myself someday… :-)

  18. The filters would help my family and I take more creative pictures. With these built-in settings I feel that we could print and hang beautiful photos for our home.

  19. I take pictures everyday so I’d love to have a better quality camera

  20. I’ve been looking for an upgrade to my cell phone camera for a while now. Having a better quality camera would make me more excited to take pics all the time.

  21. I love the idea of getting your kids engaged in photography so it would definitely help me creatively engage my little guy!
    Sarah recently posted… How To Rest When You’re Terrible At RestingMy Profile

  22. We so need something like this. My son, Sully, would LOVE this. Not to mention, I need something slick and easy to take places
    Sally @ Exploits of a military Mama recently posted… Life these days.My Profile

  23. We would love to bring this camera home with us. I just got divorced and am celebrating my life free from domestic abuse. My kids and I are moving to safety near family and what would be a better way that to take pictures to remember our new life together. We are techies and love gadgets and it so happens that I have been sans camera for almost a year as mine was dropped OOPS!

  24. Woohooo. I would love to win this camera. I <3 my old Lumix that was stolen (along with 5 years of pictures and memories of my 7 and 13 year olds) in March. *hugs*

  25. The more I read about this camera the more excited I am about it. I’m loving all of the features, especially the sepia feature and filters. Anything would be better than taking pictures with my phone. If I could afford one I’d buy it right now!

  26. I think it will help me take a great picture on the first shot. It will save me tons of time editing each one of the pictures afterwards. I’ll spending time with the people I love and not having my time spent on the computer.

  27. It’s time for a” big girl” camera! My point and shoot went Kapooey! I have been relying on my iPhone to take pictures for listings, and it shows!

  28. lightweight and portable to use even for beginners like me. I would not get stressed out and would feel more comfortable using this camera.

  29. looks like it would take great shots for scrapbooking

  30. WOW, beautiful shots and beautiful camera…how fun!!
    Jen @ Lita’s World recently posted… Giving ThanksMy Profile

  31. I would like to use it for pictures of my daughter!
    Erika recently posted… Christmas Giveaways 2012- and a Giveaway From MeTodayMy Profile

  32. Great Review Veronica!

    This camera can’t help but set you up with taking creative photos with the great filter settings! I would love to have this as a great go to camera!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    here’s the twitter link –

  33. It would help me take artistic pictures with the filter options, and the fact it’s simple to use would help me capture those moments that happen too quickly to catch because I’m finding myself adjusting settings

  34. I love that the camera has built in filters. I can imagine that would take out some of the work post-editing.
    Julie recently posted… Today and every day, I am most thankful for this little life I…My Profile

  35. I need a good camera because I’m going to be a picture taking fool when the baby gets here!

  36. It would help me take more creative photos because I could experiment with different lighting situations that my current point and shoot just can’t handle.

  37. I love that you can go from viewing to taking pictures just by bringing the camera viewfinder up to your eye – how simple is that?

  38. I am camera illiterate but it would probably help not cut off heads in the photos. Hopefully.

  39. How fun, I’d love a nice camera!

  40. I would love to win it just because all the other comments seem to be from women other than one that I saw… thanks,

  41. I would love a camera that works great in low light.
    Jeanette recently posted… Healthy Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover RecipesMy Profile

  42. It would open more lighting situations to my family for more creative pictures!
    Ginny recently posted… Blogger Opp ~ Mega Christmas GiveawayMy Profile

  43. Panasonic Lumix G5 will definitely help me and my family take more creative pictures. I love the many different functions and features of the camera. I want to test all the filters out. SO cool!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it
    Amy Tong recently posted… Happy Thanksgiving—Turkey for Dessert, anyone?My Profile

  44. nice shots

  45. Our little one is quite the artist and he loves sending photos of his little sculptures to his grandparents, aunts and uncles, so the camera would be great! We also just love playing with filters and would have fun to doing things like sepia-toned old-timey photos for holiday cards, etc. Cheers!

  46. Fun camera!

  47. i love how lightweight it is! my kids would love a new camera for xmas!

  48. It would motivate me to take more pictures of my kids and it is small enough to take on the go

  49. The compact size would make it easy to carry around so I don’t miss special moments. I’ve been relying on my phone too much!

  50. My three year old LOVES using my (much) older Lumix passed down from her grandma. It takes great shots even in low light but this puppy sounds like a must-have!

  51. It would take a terrific, well-designed camera to help me take better pictures, as I need all the help I can get! This camera looks like it has what it takes for someone like me!

  52. It would be great to have a compact camera that delivers awesome shots of my kids. I would be inspired to take more pictures if I could easily slip it into my diaper bag and use it on the go.

  53. The Panasonic Lumix G5 would be a great camera for my family right now! My husband and I are expecting our first child in January and have been looking for a DSLR camera so we can take really nice pictures of our baby boy! I love that this camera is a mix between a DSLR and a point and shoot camera and that it has the 14 different creative editing filters built in. Thank you for this giveaway!

  54. Oh god that camera looks amazing and that is my problem the whole changeling settings hahaha in fact just today I was with my family tree hunting. And was trying to get a shot of my intire family but I have six siblings then my mom and dad so I was changing the setting from still to sport and I ended up falling in a hole hahaha . This camera is a brilliant idea.and not to mention a twisted ancient avoider 😉

  55. Having this camera would enable me to take better pictures of my boys so their grandparents will be able to watch them grow, even though they are so far away! Thanks!

  56. I am retired and have this beautiful view out my back door. i set out there and drink coffee and think of the beautiful pictures that could be had just setting here. I dont have a camera on my phone. I have an old old nicon (?) from the 50’s but to develop the film cost a fortune, guess I should try to sell it. Thanks Paulette

  57. I love the Panasonic Lumix cameras. It would help me to take more creative pictures because it is so compact and I can have it with me all the time. The more time I can spend taking pictures, the more I can play with different composition, lighting, etc. The best camera is the one that you have with you all the time. This would be perfect.

  58. Camera is small enough to take it everywhere compare to big slr. I would take more pictures if I had this camera.

  59. I think all of the cool filters would help with some creative shots. It can take everyday pics and make them special!

  60. I love carrying my camera in my car, I’ve had spectacular shots suddenly pop up. The other day I got some breathtaking rainbow shots, beautiful! I used the 17x zoom & it was like flying up to the rainbow, I could see every band of color, even the purple! Awsome.
    Jeni recently posted… Moody.My Profile

  61. A camera allows you to remember fleeting moments you may other wise forget.

  62. It would be nice because it sounds like it is easy to use.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  63. It would help me to better capture images of my family and create memories of watching my babies grow up. Also, it would help me greatly with taking better photos for my own blog.

  64. My kids would have a great time using this camera to learn to take pictures.

  65. The best thing is the small size – you can simply carry this everywhere, as opposed to a larger DSLR.

  66. I don’t if it would help my family but it sure would help me to take more pictures. I am not real good with electronics but this camera sounds like you don’t have to be.

  67. I would try out all of the special modes / filters to get more interesting pictures

  68. I think a camera like this would help me take better pictures of my eco creations!

  69. Awesome camera!

  70. OH just lookign at all the picture makes my heart flutter!!! My son just threw my cheapo cam to uor wood floor and shattered the screen. So this woul d be a great addition to the family. Lots more family photos with this :)


    You should capture this tweet and try to get a new camera! Just takes a flash to enter!

  72. I’d love to be able to use all the special filters! With a newborn coming and an adorable big brother-to-be, it’d help capture all these(new) beautiful moments especially after my laptop crashed and lost all of my first-born’s pictures since birth. :(
    Theek, the Laotian Commotion recently posted… Dealing With Symphysis Pubis DysfunctionMy Profile

  73. I would love to win this camera and maybe take as beautiful as you!

  74. This could be brilliant!

  75. I would truly love to be able to use f settings and adjust speed to my desires. Light is the whole enchilada.

  76. I would love this camera and would use it to take photos of my handsome 2 year old nephew as well as all the wonderful events I attend in Austin, TX!

  77. I’ve been a fan of Panasonic since I was a kid. That’s about 45 years. Never had a bad experience with anything Panasonic that I’ve owned. Would love to take great shots of my wife and daughter with the new Lumix G5

  78. The built-in filters would be fun to try for more creative photos. This looks like a great upgrade for my Lumix DMC-ZS8 but still small enough to carry easily.

  79. Being able to have video and still is very cool!!!

  80. the different lens options would help with the creativity

  81. I love a review that I can read and comprehend! Thanks for an excellent review and for the examples. Built in filters, huh? Boy do I want this camera.

  82. If I won this camera I would be able to take better pictures… Now I have a small point-and-shoot camera but with this one I would be able to capture more detail and truly show the beauty of photography.

  83. I love the wide range of Filter-options. It’s so diverse! But I also like the quick AF, because I find it so hard to capture moving objects in a still picture, and also get a good result. I’m always really focused on detail. And this camera realizes optimal detail in its photos!

  84. this would help be because it is easy and my camera is on its way out!
    tuesdayef at aol dot com

  85. Angelswatchingoverus

    Great review. I absolutely love Panasonic Lumix Cameras. It is actually the only type of camera I will purchase. I would estimate that I have had about 7 or 8 different models over the past 15 years or so. They just keep getting better! Unfortunately, I just dropped & broke one while taking pictures of our annual Halloween display so I will probably be in the market for another one soon! I enjoy photographing family events, our travels (especially Angel statues and artwork) and just the beauty of nature. Lumix cameras help me to capture it all. Thanks.

  86. Would help me to make awesome memories!

  87. I lost my favorite camera in the lagoon at Disney World. Goodbye vacation pictures. My family would benefit from the fact that I have a decent camera that takes awesome vacation pictures! :)
    Fiddledeedee recently posted… Grocery Shopping – the litmus testMy Profile

  88. Yes please! I would love love this!
    Sam recently posted… December First: This Won’t Happen Every DayMy Profile

  89. My daughter is taking digital media in school and would love to have this camera to work with.

  90. My husband is frequently borrowing my Lumix to shoot images to paint from, so a second camera would make us both very happy!

  91. It truly amazes me how many people actually think this is a real product review. Here’s a hint: real, objective, product reviews will NEVER include any information regarding a “giveaway” of the product. This is an ADVERTISEMENT disguised as a review. I saw another one of these last week, in which a photo taken with the Lumix was compared to one of the same subject taken with a Canon. The “reviewer” claimed that the photo taken with the Lumix was far better than the one taken with the Canon, even though it was obvious to those with ANY knowledge of photography that the phot taken with the Canon was FAR superior in quality (exposure, focus, depth of field) than the one taken with the Lumix. If you perform a Google search on “panasonic lumix g5 camera giveaway and review” you will be amazed how many hits you’ll get with this title followed by the name of a “reviewer”. Panasonic and/or their ad agency should be sued for fraudulent advertising practices.

  92. Love the option to take video and still photos at the same time. I miss a lot of great shots switching my camera back and forth between the two!

  93. I would love the built in filters.

  94. Shannon Montgomery

    As a broke graduate student and media writing instructor, I’m frequently looking for images to accompany my lectures. Sadly, the “broke” part often means that I’m unable to capture the images I want. I’d love to have the camera. More than that, my husband would love for me to have the camera so he’s not asked to find yet another copyright-free image of something esoteric on Google.

  95. the 14 filters would make me more creative.

  96. I would us this camera to capture all the most beautiful of moments in my days. I have had the worst experiences with cameras… and I do not know why so I have lost so many moments that I wish I could of cherished forever and with this camera it would give me another chance.

    Thank you

  97. Great pics! I am a realtor and would love this camera!

  98. I use my iPod camera all of the time and I feel so bad that my children have all of these low-def pictures. This would be perfect!

  99. My point and shoot of four years died on us earlier last month, so I’ve been without a camera! Well, I’ve been using my phone camera, but its not the same! Winning the Lumix would enable me to not only take pictures but use the built in settings and filters to create images that I’d proudly hang up in our house! Love that its easy to use and great for low light(I take lots of indoor pics and winters in the Midwest don’t provide the best light) and a bonus is that it’ll hopefully save me some time in post-editing!

  100. I think the filter feature would add a lot to our photo options!

  101. Another one? This is the second shill blogpost on the Lumix G5 I’ve seen in two days.

    So Panasonic has decided to pay bloggers to write fake articles to make it seem like its product is the new thing.

    Well, OK, I guess you can go that route.

    I wonder, though, if Panasonic’s reputation is going to suffer when blog readers see several of these blogvertisements and realize they’re being had.

    • First: do me a giant favor and don’t accuse me of being a shill without conducting your proper research. I often review gear for my readers – honestly & effectively.

      Second: pay closer attention. The post is part of a larger series sponsored by panasonic. You’ve read several reviews because it is a *series* to introduce a quality product written from different angles from real women who are camera savvy.

      Third: I think Panasonics reputation will be just fine. It’s an amazing camera for anyone who’s in the market for a small mirror less camera.

      Gizmodo wrote a review too.

      Are they shills? Or do you just troll around women’s blogs making accusations?

    • Also? There is a disclosure outlining very clearly what my relationship with Panasonic/BlogHer is. Why would readers feel had? Your accusations are baseless.

  102. My wife and I are retiring to a small town on the Pacific coast of Mexico – we are seeking a “more serious” camera to begin photography as a dedicated hobby. We are focused on this specific format and are also considering the Olympus OM-D EM-5 & Sony Alpha NEX-6.

  103. Olivia Rubin

    I like that it has the built in effects feature. I would benefit from this camera as it would be a step up from my current camera which also doubles as my telephone!

    Oliviatheservicedog at hotmail dot com

  104. Olivia Rubin

    Oliviatheservicedog at hotmail dot com

  105. I love that it is lightweight….thats very important to me! Thanks for a super giveaway!
    My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  106. Tweeted:
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  107. It would help me take better pics by bumping my tech up from my current 14MP to the 16/18MP this camera offers! More MP = better pics!
    angie recently posted… Soapy 8×10 print (other sizes available – see shop announcement) by FotoMacroMy Profile

  108. I’ve never been very creative with my photos and this camera looks like it could be the one that would change that. I’d love to find out if there is a tiny little creative elf hiding inside me.

  109. I’ve heard shooting in RAW format is best, but our current camera is old enough and not smart enough to do that. Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. A Panasonic Lumix G5 would help our family take more creative pictures by capturing special moments in special effects, such as making specific colors more bold and bright, and getting close ups of family or objects and using the blurry/clear option. It would also help us capture more bright pictures by using more light or taking just enough light in to enhance night pictures. We love nature so we would definitely capture the nature that surrounds us each day in a more creative way. We are not professional photographers, but we have been wanting to get a good camera like the Panasonic Lumix G5 to capture more creative photos rather than a plain photo. This camera would allow us not only to capture art, but also let us learn to be the artist behind the camera. We recently got married in May, so having this camera would mean a lot to us so we can capture our new life together and introduce our future children to the world. If we win, we would use it immediately to capture our first Christmas together in 5 years of dating/marriage. Thank you for this opportunity!

  111. Madeline

    With all of those filters I’d be more likely to try different effects. I think my camera is only 5MP so this would be a great upgrade!

  112. My favorite feature of the Panasonic Lumix is shooting video and stills simultaneously.

  113. I’d learn how to use the filters and take better pictures.
    Thanks for the contest.

  114. I love taking pictures and I think it would be so much fun to try all the different filters and just to play around with it.
    Apple recently posted… More journal pages to share…My Profile

  115. If I could forget about the technological aspects of taking pictures, I think my creativity would increase. I’d be more focused on having fun with it!

  116. The filters would be a great option to have and I’m sure would enhance our pictures.
    Tammy Northrup recently posted… Cookies and Crafts for Sandy Hook {#BloggersforSandyHook}My Profile

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  118. I was not at all impressed with the quality of your photos. Not a very good way to do a review of a camera that takes images so much better than what you have used.