parisian daydreams

Is it possible to grow homesick for a place that was never truly home? My husband and I have spent plenty of time recently reminiscing about last year’s European adventure. We’ve been back almost a year and I feel I am just starting to process the experience as I wade through the memories.

In an irrational panic I realized it was time to do something with our beautifully bare walls (man, I have to tell you guys about the new house – I will def – for now know that we had 85% of the interior walls painted this incredible perfect white) and began to scroll through pictures of our trip to Paris.

I’m not one to romanticize Europe. Every place has its charms and its less desirable features (ask me about Parisian sidewalks – ew). If you’re rolling your eyes please know I can prove it. Learning the art of photography has trained me to find atypical beauty everywhere.

but. Paris.

Beauty isn’t hard to find in Paris.


Ever been homesick for a place that wasn’t really home?

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  1. I feel you! I dream of Madrid- constantly.

  2. I miss New York. Im a city girl at heart and I just miss that energy. Sigh. Love that photo.blow it up BIG
    Lashawn recently posted… Something Sweet #mylifesphotosMy Profile

    • NYC is a tough one to leave behind when you’ve got that bug. But Atlanta seems so amazing. I am Lashawn thank you and when it arrives on Friday you will be the first I show a photo of it to!
      Veronica recently posted… parisian daydreamsMy Profile

  3. New Orleans, Prague & Istanbul. Always stay on my mind. I always felt like they own pieces of my soul. Leah is going to Iceland next week, followed by our mother/daughter trip to London & Paris in the summer. I suspect we will have to force ourselves back to the states. :) Beautiful photo.

    • YES YES and YES! You guys are doing it??!?!? I am so happy to hear that. Wow that is going to be amazing. Cannot wait to follow along. You’re always so kind and supportive. Thank you xo
      Veronica recently posted… parisian daydreamsMy Profile

  4. I know exactly what you mean! Its almost been a year since I was in London last and I’m so sick for it. I love the energy and feel of that city so much; I’ve never felt so instantly at home anywhere else.
    Megan H recently posted… We’re live!My Profile

  5. I miss Dallas. I visited twice and it just felt like home. I’m not sure if it’s because my brother lives there or not, but I just know I need to get back there soon. It wouldn’t surprise me if I end up moving there.

    I also miss Atlanta. Oh how I LOVE Atlanta.
    Carla recently posted… A Plan for FebruaryMy Profile

    • You’ve got me wondering about both. I’ve been to ATL but haven’t spent much time there but I will take your word. I’ve always felt like I would like it a lot. Maybe too much. As for Dallas – do it. If it feels like home – make it so. And share pictures with me. Lots of pictures.
      Veronica recently posted… parisian daydreamsMy Profile

  6. Yes, absolutely. Just about every place I’ve visited elicits that longing in me afterwards. Put up those pictures grrrlll, can’t wait to see them on the wall.
    ajira recently posted… Seen from a different angle – Things that go 4/52My Profile