Selfie Fail

I keep hearing how important it is to get in front of the camera. They say “Your kids and grandkids will cherish these memories!” “Just do it!”, they blog. Well, I finally heeded the advice and attempted a self portrait.

Mega fail.

There was a crazy mishap involving my tripod, remote, and a spilled iced hot chocolate in the vicinity of my camera, MacBook Pro, and iPhone. Close call and very scary. I don’t know how all the bloggy chicas with kids do it but I lack the dexterity and space to get dolled up, set up the camera, and pose in a flattering manner.

Maybe some day I’ll have the time but for now I have to move fast. A one and two year old are like moths to a flame when they see a camera on a tripod. They’re all over it.

Here they are. Laughing is totally allowed : )

Self Portrait Fail 1

I saw my fuzzy face & then I remembered to manually focus.


Self Portrait Fail 2

Far from perfect but it's a start!

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  1. I have so few photos of myself because I’m always the one behind the camera. :(

  2. Without sounding too creepy or stalkerish… you’re really pretty!

    • Thanks so much Chelsea. Not creepy at all. I need all the compliments I can get. This lack of sleep and I look like the undead : ) xo

  3. Your eyes are beautiful!

    And I have so few photos of myself, too. Although for me its not from lack of enjoying having my photo taken. Its due to the lack of having anyone else to take it and being tired of staged “tripod” self portraits. :)

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

    • Thanks so much :-) I hear you. It’s just such a pain. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have personal photographers on our household staff? I’d hire a back scratcher too.

  4. Love the 2nd picture.. I agree with the comments.. dont mean to be stalker but you are pretty! :)

    Hope you are well! :)

    • Oh Jodi don’t be crazy. You’re the sweetest and could never be a stalker also if you were a stalker youd be complimenting me and I’m all about that so we’d be friends because *I’m*creepy like that 😀

  5. Beautiful eyes in the second photo! You’ll get it!!!

    • Thanks doll! Tell me something though. WHO are these chicks that get dressed up. Dress the kids up. Set up the tripod and have these solo fashion shoots constantly? Where do they find the time? I’m so jealous!

  6. shut up! you look super gorgeous! ok ok it’s cropped weird, but come on, beautiful! i totally want to hit on you. and ps your skin is amazing. is that a genetic thing? i’m like falling apart over here. what products do you use? xoxo

    • Lol you’re the best. Xoox and you always look amazing so shut up lets go steady already. Seriously though? Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Go to sephora. Try some out. And don’t be scared by the price tag. It’s lasts forever. Especially since you don’t need full strength. You can make it stretch with some plain cetaphil moisturizer. Boom. Done.

  7. Love this! Good on you for going for it! I’ve started getting more serious about including myself because I really don’t want my kid to wonder what I looked like on the other side of all the pictures of him and his dad! I hand my camera to my hubs quite often, otherwise I use the self-timer and even if they’re not the best thing ever, at least they’re a record of what was. Keep shooting and you’ll get better at it. Promise. Just look at how your photography is blooming!! Love your hutzpah! 😀 My husband’s Jewish, so I can say that… right? HA!

  8. I’m in no pictures, i guess I’ll have to set up the tripod for this one…

  9. Selfie’s are tough. I usually have what appear like an arm on the right hand-side.
    Well if you are bored you can browse through a few hundred selfies here some are #failed attempts others are kind of cool.

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