Signature Set Photoshop Action Giveaway

You might remember Marissa Gifford from the amazing photography tutorial she graciously shared here last year. Marissa has been busy running a successful portrait business and developing some incredible Photoshop actions (Elements too!). I’ve been tinkering with them and am impressed.

I’ve gone through several phases with Photoshop actions. First as a new photographer who knew nothing about light let alone how to properly use an action and as a result had some inconsistent and unflattering post processing due to an unbridled enthusiasm for any actions I could get my hands on.


Then I went through a snobby phase where I refused to use (or purchase anymore) actions until I learned more about post processing and how the actions would affect my images. Eye-opening. I learned a ton but editing photos became a tedious chore.

Currently I’m in a “I know what my look is and if this action is going to save me time while preserving my vision I am all over it” phase.

The Signature Set complements my current phase perfectly. Marissa also throws in a handy PDF guide containing action recipes and descriptions. I wish all actions came with those. Would definitely save many of us a ton of frustration. It’s a really nice touch.

Straight out of the camera


Elemental B & W




Clean Workflow 100% | Extra Pop 100% | Plum Velvet 100% with Velvet Matte turned on




Clean Workflow 60% | Cafe au Lait 80% (masked off skin) | Lifestyle Color 30% Matte turned on (masked off skin)

The actions are powerful yet subtle. They don’t require a ton of adjustments. Beautiful, simple, and affordable. If you’d like to give them a try Marissa has kindly set up a discount code for my fabulous readers. Use code “Veronica” and get 30% off when you purchase the Signature Set. Make sure to check out Marissa on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with her latest offerings and check out her amazing photography.

One lucky commenter will win the Signature Set Photoshop or Elements Actions. Leave a comment below telling me your number one editing challenge and I’ll choose a winner via “And the winner is” plugin. Giveaway ends on February 11, 2013 at 11:59 est.

Good luck xo

*Update: The plugin would not work for me and instead of spending hours trying to figure out why I went the old school route and used ye olde*

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.16.39 PM



Congratulations Suzanne! 

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  1. interesting. will have to check this out. and that little rope thing in the first photo, how fun does that look, seriously xD my son would have a ball.
    Jenny recently posted… My son, the little shutter bugMy Profile

  2. My number one editing challenge is lighting. I’m new to the process and appreciate the tips and help you offer through your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to receive more help.

  3. Jenny @ MyLittleMe

    My number one editing trouble is getting them bright enough but not too bright.

  4. I’ve seen examples of these actions all around the web in the last few weeks and I’m intrigued. I love clean editing and I am always looking for ways to speed up my workflow! Because its slooow when I am trying to be consistent!!!
    Lashawn recently posted… Black and White CircleMy Profile

  5. Awesome giveaway! My biggest editing challenge is getting natural looking skin-tones.
    Amarie recently posted… {Renewal}My Profile

  6. My number one editing challenge is not OVER editing – I easily get carried away with popping colors or matte-ifying everything or trying to smooth out those undereye circles and end up with photos that look ridiculous. These actions look beautiful and natural, which is exactly what I need!
    Suzanne recently posted… The Good Life for Less Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  7. Gorgeous photos, as per usual. Wonderful actions too! My biggest editing challenge is making time to go through my huge pile of photos. lol I’m trying to get better and I’m actually making progress. Aren’t you proud of me? :)
    Kristi {at} Live & Love Out Loud recently posted… Everyone Needs a Mustache Lamp {DIY}My Profile

  8. My number one used to be overediting with actions. I have stopped using actions (just like you did) to actually learn the programs and what they do. These actions look perfect though, not too intense.
    kassie recently posted… PhotographyMy Profile

  9. My number one challenge is I don’t know how to use PS properly. I just don’t get CMYK and all the numbers stuff. It’s a me thing, I know.

  10. I’m guilty of abandoning my actions as well. *shame* In the past few months, I’ve gotten back in to using them again. Like you, I’ve figured out how to “do” the edits myself and would LOVE to save myself time. I <3 batch editing!!!

  11. My number one editing challenge is if my WB is off in camera (i dont have a kelvin option…) trying to nail the WB in PSE is at times a struggle is there is a significant color cast! UGH!

  12. Hmmmm my number one editing challenge is the time that it takes! I love actions but finding ones to truly fit my style is tough, these seem like they are the perfect balance of clean and matte which is exactly what I’m looking for!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. My number one editing challenge is the time it takes to get the look I want….I need to streamline! :)

  14. I am just getting started with actions and I find myself spending too much time over editing – trying out this, well maybe that, etc. And also infusing light into the photo with photoshop, but not making it look too bright or fake. I’ve seen some before and afters from photographers who do that really well and have it look natural.

  15. My number one editing problem is styling! Trying to determine what would be best for each session kills me on time!!!

  16. The biggest challenge I have with editing right now is creating a cohesive look .. as you referred to. I feel like I am starting to like the perspective & feel of my images now, but still have a lot to learn about editing them to be a cohesive style. These actions would definitely help! 😉

  17. Love the actions! My biggest challenge is making my edits consistent. Hopefully, using actions will make it easier

  18. I need to work on learning batch editing and using LR to its fullest potential, instead of doing a lot of the work manually.

  19. My hardest challenge is definitely lighting!

  20. Beautiful photos Veronica! I struggle at times with lighting and white balance. Though, this winter has not been so busy and I’ve focused a lot of time on learning Kelvin. Love how those actions enhanced your photos.
    Tish recently posted… The Simple Beauty of WhiteMy Profile

  21. Such a great giveaway I think my hardest challenge is lighting as well maybe with tightening up my editing skills as well. I try to use as much natural light as I can.
    Jodi Hall recently posted… Grammy Wrap-upMy Profile

  22. Such a great giveaway I think my hardest challenge is tightening up my editing skills. I try to use as much natural light as I can.
    Jodi Hall recently posted… Grammy Wrap-upMy Profile

  23. My biggest challenge is consistency and getting beautiful black and whites. I love the black and white actions in this set!!

  24. I find it extremely difficult to figure out what to do my photos to make them the best they can be without overdoing it!

  25. I find it hard to break out of my editing “routine”….not every pictures needs the same thing and I need to try new things …like actions :)
    I love how you called it a “snobby phase”…us control freaks need to get a little blog slap in the face from time to time …thanks!

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