A slacker Thanksgiving and moving on.

Update at bottom of post.

This time of the year is spectacular. It’s a great time to slow down and reflect. I’ve done a lot of that. I’m not sure what I want to do with my blog or what direction it’s heading in. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I’m still undecided. It might become more of a personal journal and include less partnerships.

2012 has been wonderful to me and I’ve had some great opportunities. The flip side of some partnerships is unkept promises, chasing payments, and the occasional disappointment. Nothing huge but it’s annoying and the last thing I want to spend my limited time on is tracking down blog scofflaws. I’m good.

Thanksgiving break has been fantastic. My husband and I are taking turns letting each other sleep in so I’m starting to feel like less of a zombie. Oh and speaking of zombies we’re all caught up on Walking Dead. It’s kind of sad how we’re hopelessly addicted to that show.


I’m probably the worst mom ever but I find it absolutely hilarious when my kids fight. It’s so hard not to laugh out loud. Obviously I do the adult thing, break it up, and make people hug and apologize but before I do that I laugh to myself and take a photo. Judge me.

We took the kids to see Wreck it Ralph in 3D and they loved it. The weather has been perfectly beautiful so we’ve spent a lot of time riding bikes and hanging out at the park. Last Sunday we had an early thanksgiving pot luck dinner at Cornell in Ramin Parlor. It was great but close to the kids bedtime so we couldn’t stay long.


Hmm I should probably take a lint brush to those coats. Whatever. Look at the dimples :)

Yesterday we slacked off and it felt so good. My husband picked up Thanksgiving take out for us at Wegmans. No cooking! We watched the Macy’s parade and a few Christmas specials with the kids. Took them to the park and out for some bike riding. I went for a brief photo walk around sunset. It was a perfect day. We chose not to travel because in less than a month we’re embarking on the craziest of our family trips yet.


She’s happiest when her Daddy is around.

Our last day here is December 23rd. We’ll then head to North Country, New York to spend Christmas with my husband’s family. We’ll visit Vermont and Canada while we’re in the area (hit me up if you’re interested in a photo shoot). We might spend a night or two in New York City and from there we’ll head to Massachusetts to visit my family and fly from Logan Airport to Heathrow and begin our three-month stay in London.

It’s all happening so fast and I’m getting nervous. I hope the kids handle traveling well. They’re great on road trips and during family visits but I’m sure landing in the UK will be a bit of a jolt to their little systems. I’ve got a million things to say but ill save them for later.


I FINALLY get a decent picture of this gorgeous man and look at the background. Ugh.


He finally signed the offer. We’re moving to Indianapolis. Both of us are ecstatic but a little freaked out. It’s becoming so real. Road trips. Europe. Disney world. Some brief homelessness before we settle in Indiana. Home ownership. Midwest living. So much to obsess over .


I’m trying to take it easy. Trying.

I remind myself often that I have a lot to be thankful for. Every morning as I stand in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the kids I smile and think to myself how fortunate I am. I never imagined I would have every thing I ever wanted. There isn’t a thing I would change about my life. The Lord has blessed me in every way and I often cannot believe my good fortune. I’m thankful.


Look at that sweet little face.

For you too. So many of you have left supportive comments, sent kind emails, or tweeted me with an uplifting message during the past year.

Thank you.


Update: I was wrong. I celebrated too early. Read more here.

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  1. Congrats! Indianapolis here come the Armstrongs but first Notting Hill :) So happy for you!

  2. I’m so excited for you! And dang, you’re going to need to hibernate next winter after everything you’ll be doing in 2013. I have to admit I’m excited to live vicariously through you. :)
    Ashley recently posted… The Skills CollectiveMy Profile

    • Right! As happy as I am for all the fun adventures I’m also looking forward to settling down as a family. We’ve never done that as a family of four. Totally ready to do all that normal stuff for a few years…and then I’m sure we’ll be ready to do something else BUT also ill be close to you! So we’ll def have to meet up.

  3. Yay! The offer is final!! So excited to watch your guys adventure unfold. :)
    Nina recently posted… Cooking with my boyMy Profile

  4. Congratulations on the offer, and I’m so excited for you and the whole living in London for a bit thing. And the photo of the kids fighting/bickering – I love it! It’s part of their childhood and their lives, and no reason not to document that, too!

    • Thank you so much! Yes so many exciting things in store I have to keep pinching myself. It’s awful but I seriously like gasp for air because I’m laughing so hard when they’re having a toddler argument. It’s so so hilarious.

  5. I’m so happy for you!!! I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your adventures.
    Rose’s Daughter recently posted… NostalgiaMy Profile

  6. So happy for you guys! London is amazing and I know you guys will love it. Being from Ohio I can vouch for how awesome it was growing up in the Midwest. It really is a great place to raise kids. Wishing you well as you prepare for your journey!
    Quiana recently posted… A Love Birds’ Thanksgiving (or My Child Prefers Paper Towel Tubes Over Turkey)My Profile