Sunset at the beach.

Wednesday night was perfect. Warm but not too warm.The kids were happy. The beach wasn’t too crowded. We hung out, played, laughed, and smiled.

Our vacation is nearly over. My husband returns to school next Wednesday. I’m on my own for the next four months. He’ll be tied up with a bunch of classes, recruiting, school events, and travel.

I’m trying not to dread it. The kids and I will be fine but we’ll miss him.¬†We’re a pretty tight bunch.


He’s still so tan from Indiana. I have issues with exposing him properly because I’m not used to him being so tan. Look right above his knee :)


She looks exactly like him and adores him.


This pretty much sums up life with Cameron. Add snuggling and eating nonstop and you get a whole picture. Total character.


Such a pretty day even if those stupid seagulls pooped all over the beach.




He’s 3 now so I get a lot of this. He won’t model unless there’s chocolate involved. Oh, and he says his name is Optimus Prime.


At least he isn’t transforming.



And my day, week, month, summer, year, and life were complete.

I love them more than anything.

Have a great weekend xo

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  1. Glad you all enjoyed your vacation. Hopefully those four months will go by quickly for you and your family. The kids are gorgeous. I have a three year old daughter and I have to bribe her sweets to get pictures sometimes too. Must be something about that age where they become allergic to camera unless candy or cookies are involved.
    YUMMommy recently posted… Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

    • Thank you so much. Glad im not alone. Kind of stinks though. I miss the days when he wouldn’t mind the camera. Hopefully our kids get used to it and learn to ignore the cameras once again. For our sake!
      Veronica recently posted… Sand.My Profile

  2. Mamaintheburbskelly

    Absolutely stunning photos!!!

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. It’s always nice to get away, but of course the time goes way too quickly. Such a beautiful family! :)
    Kia recently posted… Fashion Friday: DIY Pet Fashion CraftsMy Profile

    • Youre so sweet Kia thank you. I just feel like every single thing is going by toooooo fast. Maybe it’s because Im happy. I dont remember time flying by like this in my pre kid pre wife days. So maybe it’s a good thing?
      Veronica recently posted… Sand.My Profile

  4. Gorgeous family. I hadn’t paid attention before, but I do see now that C looks like K and P looks like you.

    As a forever-pale White girl, I still haven’t gotten over the way my husband & kids’ skin color changes in the summer. Even Kori, who is fair like me, gets “dark White” to steal a phrase from Cara (ha!!! died reading that one day). But all the boys turn this gorgeous dark red-brown, especially Vincent because he’s out coaching in the sun.

    • I love that! Yep you know how it is with these multiracial kids. You just never know how they’ll turn out. Preston calls me white lol ummm… ok then bro. But Preston is like your daughter. Fair and maybe gets a little browner or less white but *he’s* the white dude in the family. Your husband probably looks like mine. All crazy tan lined and shizz.
      Veronica recently posted… Sand.My Profile

  5. Beautiful photos and beautiful family.

    I’ve officially said goodbye to my summer earlier this week as I’ll also be returning to school on Monday. I think I’m okay with summer leaving as soon as it did. I could use an extra week, though.
    Carla recently posted… The First Week.My Profile

  6. Beautiful pictures as always. Don’t worry, the next 4 months will fly by! And we’ll be around to help you laugh your way through it
    Rose’s Daughter recently posted… Project 52: It’s Friday, and Life is GoodMy Profile