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for the love of summer

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Finding time to blog is something I’m struggling with at the moment. I don’t have to do it but I enjoy it. I’ve thought about giving up but I miss it. One aspect of blogging I’m not ready to let go is my blog circles. Every month I join in with some wonderfully talented photographers and post some photos revolving around our open theme of “for the love of…”.

My theme this month is summer. It’s here and it’s glorious. While I haven’t spent as much time photographing as I did during my stay at home mom days (seems long ago and it hasn’t even been a month yet – geeze) I’ve scored a few keepers here and there.

The kids love splash pads and there’s an abundance of them in Indiana. On this particular day Preston wasn’t feeling it. He wanted to roll with the big kids and his Daddy on the playground. Cameron didn’t disappoint. She splashed, danced, and smiled until it was time to go home.

Summer is here. We love it.

veronica armstrong indianapolis photographer for-the-love-of-summer-2 for-the-love-of-summer-1

Next up in the circle is the lovely and talented (said in my Bob Barker voice) Melissa.

black and white blog circle: she lit up the room

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

One thing I truly enjoy about traveling is learning to work with different light. The intense midday Florida sun is lots of fun to play with. I walked past Cameron playing in her temporary bedroom at Great Grandma and Grandpa’s house and noticed the beautiful halo the sunlight made on her curls. I secretly photographed her for a few minutes with my DSLR and iPhone.

Finally, she noticed me. Cameron looked up, smiled, and went right back to playing with her brother’s fire truck.

She’s amazing. So full of laughter, love, and – yes – light.

veronica armstrong black white photography


Next up in the black and white photography blog circle is the lovely Carolyn

black and white blog circle: a stranger’s solitude.

Monday, April 8th, 2013

We’re back in the United States. The past two weeks were a crazed travel whirlwind. It took me longer than I’d anticipated to adjust to the time difference and I fell off the blog horse. I’m back at it and playing a bit of catch up.

I’m about two weeks late for my monthly black and white blog circle post but I couldn’t skip a month when I have so much photography goodness lingering on my harddrive.


I don’t know this little girl but she entered the frame as I was shooting for a client. I kept shooting because I wondered what she was thinking. She didn’t enter the water. She stood still for a long time watching the waves with a calm expression.

I envied her solitude for a moment and then captured a piece of it for myself.

Next up in the circle is LaShawn with a ridiculously cute portrait.

Black and White Blog Circle: Holland Park Mews

Friday, March 1st, 2013

If you follow me on instagram then you’re very familiar with my fascination with this part of my neighborhood. Mews = “A row or street of houses or apartments that have been converted from stables or built to look like former stable”.

They’re absolutely stunning. I pass them almost daily on my way to Holland Park with the kids. I can’t ever pass up an opportunity to photograph them.

I took this shot with a Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic on a Composer Pro. I’ll tell you more about the lens next week. Right now I’m off to do more shooting with it. It’s amazing.

holland park mews

Next up in the blog circle is Carolyn.

Click over and enjoy her beautiful work. Happy Friday!

My kids met Santa. I annoyed an elf.

Monday, December 10th, 2012


Santa paid a visit to the Big Red Barn on Saturday. The kids were psyched to see him. They waited in line patiently and watched Santa grab goodies out of his sack for the kids in line ahead of them. I watched their excitement build as the line slowly moved.

As my husband approached Santa with the kids their eyes grew wider and their mouths started to open. Shock! It’s Santa! It was adorable but fairly anti-climatic. Neither child freaked out and presented me with one of those hilariously awful miserable kid on Santa’s lap photos. I don’t want to torture them. I wouldn’t have forced them to chill with Santa. I’m just saying I would’ve taken a photo as my husband ushered the children away screaming. Good times. That’s what cameras are for right? There were no smiles for me either. Instead they both stood there amazed that the big guy was in their presence. It was a sweet moment.

It was my first outing with my new camera. The photos aren’t too hot technically. There was a huge crowd of kids and parents hovering over Santa. I was facing Santa and so were the kids so most of my shots were of Santa’s face and the back of their heads. No big deal. We’ll see Santa again and I’ll close down my aperture so Santa and my kids are in focus.


First snow.

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Winter is useless without snow. Cold. Rainy. Dark. No, thank you. Snow changes everything. It snowed lightly for a few hours on Wednesday. I bundled the kids and my new camera up. We spent an hour playing outside.

It was positively freezing and my foolish Dominican self was out there without socks. No matter. The kids ran, screamed, and ate snow. I made them little snowmen and snowballs that Preston would then throw straight up in the air.

It was so much fun.


The snow melted. Today it’s cold, dark, and rainy. We’re spending most of our time cleaning and packing. The kids are spending most of theirs not sleeping and waking up unusually early. This week has kicked my ass. We’re going to snuggle in bed and watch Christmas movies tonight. Hopefully I fall asleep nice and early because I can barely form coherent thoughts at this point.

Happy Friday xo


Wednesday, November 28th, 2012