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merry christmas

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

may your day be filled with magic, laughter, rest, and time with those you love.



winter wonderland

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Hi there!

I wasn’t sure when I’d blog again but the house is quiet and my husband is busy making trap beats on his iPad (how he spends his time when he doesn’t have studying to do) so I thought I’d share a few pictures. We arrived in North Country – New York last Friday. The ride was great. We stopped in Syracuse for one last Chuck E. Cheese trip.

My husband and I were PUMPED because we reached the 2,000 ticket milestone. We’ve never picked out a toy from one of the top racks before! Man, our kids have it good. They don’t even know. They’ve gone to Chuck E. Cheese more in December than my husband and I have in our combined lifetimes. I’m not sure they like it as much as we do but they smile a lot while I kill it on the skee-ball machine so it’s fine.

As we drove further north the weather became increasingly treacherous. There was a hypnotic shower of heavy nighttime snow. Visibility was low and the roads weren’t too great. My husband is used to driving in horrible weather thankfully and we arrived safely. We’re staying with my husband’s grandparents. The kids love it. They wake up every morning and shake down their Great Grandfather for cookies.

Christmas was peaceful and relaxing. The kids got everything they asked Santa for and spent plenty of time with their Grandparents and Great Grandparents. It’s been great chilling here before we head to London. It’ll be a while before the kids see them again and it’s nice watching them enjoy their time together.

I’m okay. Hanging on. Having a good time but my husband and I are fighting off a little cold. Our hooptie is stressing us out a bit. We were going to buy a new car this summer once we’d settled down but it looks like we might have to speed things up a bit. A few days ago, as we crossed the Canadian/US border after a fun day in Ottawa with the kids and their Grandparents, the brakes started acting up. It was ten degrees out, a snowstorm was expected that evening, the gas tank was nearly empty, and we were at least forty-five minutes away from Great Grandma’s house.

Thankfully the car broke down at the perfect moment. My in-laws were in the lane next to us and waited to see if our car would start up again. It didn’t and some nice border agents had to push our car to their parking area. Ugh. We exchanged the car seats. I left with the kids and my in-laws while my husband had the car towed.

Hot mess.

Tomorrow we will find out whether whatever repairs are needed are worth the expense. If they aren’t we will rent a car for the duration of our trip and buy a new one when we get back from London. Boourns. Not a huge deal but we really wanted a few more months of car payment free living. It’s been pretty luxurious.

I don’t know when I’ll have access to wi-fi again or what my blogging schedule will look like BUT wanted to let you know that I set up a Tumblr. I’m solely posting London photos there so if you like that sort of thing feel free to follow along. I’ve also been posting tons to Instagram and Flickr so if you’re on there hit me up. It’ll be like vacationing together.

We spent the day before Christmas Eve picking out a Christmas tree at Moody’s Tree Farm in Saranac Lake, New York. We also visited last year. The kids love the animals, Christmas decorations, and piles of fluffy snow.


My kids met Santa. I annoyed an elf.

Monday, December 10th, 2012


Santa paid a visit to the Big Red Barn on Saturday. The kids were psyched to see him. They waited in line patiently and watched Santa grab goodies out of his sack for the kids in line ahead of them. I watched their excitement build as the line slowly moved.

As my husband approached Santa with the kids their eyes grew wider and their mouths started to open. Shock! It’s Santa! It was adorable but fairly anti-climatic. Neither child freaked out and presented me with one of those hilariously awful miserable kid on Santa’s lap photos. I don’t want to torture them. I wouldn’t have forced them to chill with Santa. I’m just saying I would’ve taken a photo as my husband ushered the children away screaming. Good times. That’s what cameras are for right? There were no smiles for me either. Instead they both stood there amazed that the big guy was in their presence. It was a sweet moment.

It was my first outing with my new camera. The photos aren’t too hot technically. There was a huge crowd of kids and parents hovering over Santa. I was facing Santa and so were the kids so most of my shots were of Santa’s face and the back of their heads. No big deal. We’ll see Santa again and I’ll close down my aperture so Santa and my kids are in focus.