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Cryptic Text Messages from My Husband

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

My husband is a funny guy and a phenomenal husband and father but it can be beyond annoying to be on the receiving end of his text messages.

cryptic text from my husband

Do you receive cryptic texts from your husband? I know I’m not alone because two Twitter friends told me their husbands do the same thing.

It goes a little something like this:

Text from Husband: I saw a freaking spaceship

My first text: OMG are you serious? YOU saw a spaceship. Where?!? This is crazy. I knew it.

My second text: That man I saw at the subway wearing that fiery sandwich board was right! The end is near! Are you there? Did they take you? Do they have your phone!?!

My third text: Okay, I’m worried. Are you there? This isn’t funny. Did. They. Take. You? Can you text in morse code?

My fourth text: Alright if I don’t hear from you in 3 minutes I am calling the police. I love you.

Text from my husband: Oh, hey sorry had to use the toilet. So I saw this freaking spaceship cake at this bakery I walked by and I was wondering if you could make me one just like it.

My fifth text: I hate you so much. >:-|


Text from Husband: So I was at Steak & Shake and this Forbes billionaire needed my table and I got two free meals!

My first text: OMG! Was it Oprah? Are you having dinner with Oprah?

My second text: Hey what’s happening? Are you eating dinner with a billionaire? Did you mention I have a single sister?

My third text: WHERE ARE YOU!?! Was this a hostile takeover of your seating at Steak & Shake? WHO does that? Who is this jerk! It was f***ing Zuckerberg wasn’t it?

My fourth text: Why are you eating at Steak & Shake? I thought you were watching your weight too? You know what it does to your stomach! WHERE ARE YOU!?! What did you order? I’m so hungry. : (

Text from my husband: Oh sorry was playing a video game. Oh, I was at the Steak & Shake and management asked whether I would give up my seat for the Billionaire in exchange for two free meals so I said yes.

My fifth text: Did you at least network? Do we have a billionaire friend?

Text from my husband: Nope.

My sixth text: We’re in the hugest fight right now.

cryptic text from my husband

Am I the only one?




***I would like to mention that the man is an absolute saint for putting up with me. Obviously I’m nuts but he is a jerk for sending these juicy sounding texts amirite?***

Your Man Is Getting an MBA. Now what?

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

{or your woman, friend, wife, etc.}

I get a fair amount of traffic from ‘MBA wife and MBA life’ Google searches. There isn’t much content on the Internet for those seeking insider information about experiencing business school life as a significant other. I’ve started a series for my fellow MBA wives, spouses, moms, girlfriends, and anyone else who is curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a top business school.

There are many misconceptions about B-school life. Most people think getting an MBA is like attending any other graduate program and that is not the case for students at the most competitive schools. Before my husband attended Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business he was enrolled in several graduate level business courses at the University of Vermont while we both worked full-time. UVM’s program is fantastic and that experience had it’s unique challenges it was vastly different from full time MBA life at a top 20 Ivy League institution.

I was fully unprepared for the changes in my life and rigor of the program my husband was enrolled in. We met at an event for prospective MBAs and I had also attended a Cornell prospective event so one would think I knew what awaited me. I didn’t and the learning curve was steep. It’s been a year and I am sharing what I have learned in an effort to help someone, anyone! who needs a few words of wisdom from someone who has been there.


Stay tuned for the first post: Admit Weekend. 


When Mommy & Daddy Are Bored

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

We take our kids to the playground all.the.time. Know what I’m talking about? Sure you do. I practically live there. My husband is usually studying but when he isn’t he is all about family time. I love that about him. The kids think hanging out at the park with daddy is the coolest thing ever.

After an hour or so my husband and I start to get a little bored. To break up the monotony for ourselves we stage hilarious pictures. The kids walk around carefully observing every single piece of mulch on the playground while we laugh hysterically at ourselves.






Sweet Shot Day

The Home Depot Holiday Gifts & Giveaway

Friday, December 9th, 2011

*We have a winner!*

We moved to Ithaca seven months ago. Wow. Time flies. My husband and I are constantly rearranging and organizing our little dorm apartment. There is not much space and it is important that we maximize every square inch. Since we are on a student budget we decided that gifts would be of the practical variety. Sounds boring but after months of wading through, discarding, and donating mountains of underused stuff I was happy to oblige.


Please don't call my husband Super Dad.

Monday, November 7th, 2011

A handful of women I have met during my time here think my husband is a superhero for doing regular, routine, and ordinary dad things such as cooking breakfast for the family, food shopping alone, or carving pumpkins with us on a Saturday. Apparently that is all it takes to launch a man into Superman status. How many of you moms do those things regularly?

When is the last time a man called you Super Mom for getting a barbecue stain out of some Bermuda shorts? Where is our parade!?!

Seriously though.

My husband is fantastic. I could not have asked for a better father for my children. I am lucky, they are lucky, and he is wonderful. I tell him often. However, he is not Super Dad. He is fulfilling his obligations to his family as a man and as a father. Is our standard for men as parents so low that when we see one performing his normal fatherly duties it is something to celebrate?

I feel very strongly about this because my standards for myself as a mother are high. Too high perhaps, I am only human and sometimes fail to meet my own expectations. My standards for my husband are equally high. I do not throw confetti at him when he vacuums, I will not celebrate his impromptu laundry folding, and I won’t post a gazillion Facebook posts about how awesome he is for watching his kids for a half hour so I can go for a run. I refuse.

Enough of the stereotypical images of the bumbling dad that has to defer to mom in all domestic matters. No more celebrating men for doing the same things moms do without applause. Enough. It sends an awful message to our kids and doesn’t accurately reflect today’s society.

There is no such thing as “women’s work”. There are stay at home dads that are not any less manly because they know how to iron. My husband is not special. He is a father. Fathers cook, clean, help with homework, and do chores. Just like mothers. We are equal partners in all matters (except for the killing of disgusting bugs – him and apple crisp – me).

Obviously certain changes in our lives dictate what our partners are able to do around the house, my husband now spends most of his time at school related activities. I do not expect him to clean the house at 11 pm. when he gets home. He does his fair share in the manner that he can at the moment.

I would not have married a man who was not up for fifty percent of the household, domestic, and child related duties. I married a responsible and self-sufficient man. That was my choice. I did not want to mother a grown man and am thankful I don’t have to. The worst part is my husband saying to me half kidding “You see! I *am* Super Dad! I am above average! Now stop yelling at me when I want to play a few minutes of NBA2K when you want me to finish the laundry.”

Edited to add: Some people (that seriously seem to lack critical thinking and reading comprehension skills) have accused me of being less than supportive of my beloved husband.

Clearly they missed the entire point of the post so let me break it down in simple terms for them.

My husband is amazing but not because he knows how to use a broom. He got himself into an Ivy League school you bet your you know what I expect more from this man than the occasional floor sweeping.

Example: Husband folding laundry = appreciated but not amazing.

Husband letting me sleep in on Father’s day = AMAZING. Above and beyond. Incredibly sweet.

Make sense?

If this post is the kind of thing you choose to get up in arms about I question your sanity.

Dear angry ladies: Maybe if you treat yourself with respect and demand more from men you too will end up with a winner. Try it. It works.

super dad

He is gorgeous too : )

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What do you think?

Much Love Monday. Autumn is near.

Monday, August 29th, 2011

I absolutely positively adore the Fall. I cannot adequately convey to you the number of hours I spend silently scheming fun autumn activities for my family. There is so much to look forward to. Cmoney is turning one and I am planning a garden tea party themed birthday party. It might sound insane but I am also already planning Halloween costumes for the kids.

I am having a fantastic day and hope you are too. Here is some Internet stuff I am loving today.

Halloween Idea:

paint bucket halloween bucket

Photo Courtesy of

I saw this on Ohdeedoh. What a fantastic idea! Of course I have no empty paint buckets around but I might have to change that. There is always something around the house that could use a fresh coat of paint. The best part of these buckets is that once the kids finish using them for trick-or-treating you could continue to use them around the house. I think I would use it in a corner near the front door to hold slippers.

Toddler Craft:

fall banner

Photo Courtesy of

This Tonya Staab tutorial was featured on the Multiples & More blog. The banner is so cute and looks really complicated but it isn’t difficult to make at all. All you need (besides the supplies of course) is a helpful toddler and you’ve got yourself a fun craft with a super awesome finished product to hang in your home.

Dinner Idea:

My husband makes a pizza for the family once a week with locally purchased dough. Everyone loves it, especially Pweezy. We have fallen into a rut and find ourselves using the same ingredients often. I saw this gorgeous Heirloom Tomato Pizza on A Cozy Kitchen and promptly showed it to my husband. Guess who is having this incredible looking pizza for dinner this week? I cannot wait.


Photo Courtesy of

Oh and I *have* to share this. You may have already seen it on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (hey it is too cute not to share) but here is my favorite picture of the weekend. Pweezy taking pictures of mommy. How cute is this?


What are you loving today?

Kmart Playdate Place Play Date & Gift Card Giveaway

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

As I mentioned previously I was fortunate enough to be selected as a Kmart Playdate Place showcase blogger. I cannot even begin to tell you how wide Pweezy’s eyes were upon the toys’ arrival. My shopping experience was fantastic. I loved that the Playdate Place website featured toys individually and in depth.