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iPhone Sunday.

Sunday, November 25th, 2012



A lovely rustic wedding.

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

A high school friend and I reconnected via Twitter recently. My sister told me she lived in Ithaca. I looked her up and was happy to see that she was enjoying a wonderful life here in central New York with a beautiful family and satisfying career. She mentioned that two of her friends were looking for a photographer to document their upcoming wedding. I was hired by the couple, spent a few hours shooting their special day, and got to see my friend again. It has been over ten years! Ah, time sure flies.

It was absolutely wonderful to work with this family. They’re fun, genuine, and laid back. My kind of people. Their daughters are a joy to be around and to photograph. It was a gorgeous early autumn Saturday full of sunshine and happiness. The wedding was held across the street from Lake Cayuga. There was a fabulous view from the dining room.

The event was packed with friends and family. Children played in the grass. Everything was lovely.









Congratulations & thank you for choosing me for your special event.

why i’ll never be a professional photographer

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Spring Break is over. We had a great time and the next countdown is on. 7 weeks to Indianapolis. I can’t wait. Some people think I’m a weirdo for being excited about living in the Midwest but I sincerely liked it there. I *really* hope it is where we end up after school but I know better than to get too attached to that idea.

Yesterday Monique and I had a photo shoot and play date planned. Preston and I were pretty psyched, I love Monique’s work and Preston thinks her kids are the coolest. Sadly Miss Cameroonie was not in the best spirits. She had three immunizations a few days prior, is/was teething, and (I think) had an upset stomach.

We decided to reschedule and I stayed in. At around 4:00 p.m. I realized it probably wasn’t going to rain and if the forecast is accurate it would be the last 70 degree day around here for a long time. I packed up the kids and my Canon. We went for a brief walk, hung out at the playground until Daddy showed up, and I got a few decent shots.

I learned that I will never be a professional photographer (not that it was ever in the cards for me but ya know) because I am an awful person. Oh, I’m just awful to my kids.


Oh well. I got a few cute shots and the kids got a few mini marshmallows. Not a bad afternoon.

daffodilstoddler sunglasseshazy-babyhazy baby

My husband is at school doing homework and I am staying in with the kids (unless it doesn’t rain then I will force them out and to the daffodils again) and cracking open this month’s BabbaBox.

Have a wonderful Saturday xo


Dragon Day Parade at Cornell

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Last week we attended a Dragon Day parade on campus. I wasn’t too sure what the history of the parade was but I have kids and kids like parades so I was there. Turns out it is a very old tradition dating back over a hundred years. Each year around St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring break the first year architecture students build a giant dragon, dress up in crazy costumes, and march up to the Arts quad while being heckled by their rivals – the engineering students.

The weather was menacing and the kids were getting tired so we missed watching the phoenix that the engineering students built battle it out with the architecture school dragon. I was really looking forward to that because – well – obviously I’ve never seen anything like that before outside of Harry Potter (and come to think of it Fawkes wasn’t much of a fighter so scratch that I have never seen a phoenix battle a dragon).

We watched the large crowds gather, the dragon lumber off, and followed him to the quad before the kids got hungry. Preston had a great time. Cameron looked at us like we were nuts (um, mom there’s a smoke breathing dragon across the street) but maintained her composure for most of the parade. I’m glad we were able to attend. Our time here is so brief. If you subtract our time in Indiana and London we only have six months left in Ithaca. Scary how time flies.


Creepy at Cornell

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

This building has intrigued me since the first time we drove through campus. Its appearance is ominous and sinister. I like to imagine all sorts of creepy things happening there but alas it is but a mere observatory. Boourns.

In my mind there are secret society meetings there like the Simpson’s Stonecutters episode. Cloaks are worn, goblets are full, and somewhere inside Homer is naked and chained to a rock. I am guilty of having an overactive imagination, quoting the Simpsons too often, and writing stories in my head that never leave BUT look for yourself.

How creepy is this building?


Alright, maybe it is only creepy to me because I am an idiot and hadn’t noticed that it is quite obviously an observatory and not a meeting place for a secret society.

In my defense it is in an often secluded wooden area where I sometimes walk alone with the kids so maybe that is why it creeps me out.

Whatever. Don’t laugh at me.

Sweet Shot Day

Birds, Bees, and Spring.

Monday, March 12th, 2012

The sun is out, birds are singing, bees are trying to have sex with them – as is my understanding. – Bart Simpson

sexy bee

I love that quote. Such innocence. Freaky bees.

Preston was playing in the backyard when he spotted the flower above. He was so excited and was hopping around pointing to it. We sat down and watched this bee for a few minutes. I was definitely not set up for a shot like this but hey it is the first flower of Spring and that is something to celebrate. Also? I think it is time for a macro lens. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring me one.

It was GORGEOUS in Ithaca this weekend. Well, Sunday was gorgeous. Saturday was pretty cold. We spent Saturday bundled up indoors until my husband finished his test and then we headed to Syracuse for some shopping and dinner. My husband is obsessed with Delmonico’s. So obsessed. Our meal was rushed because Cameron is teething and not sleeping well. She is *cranky*. The linguine with clams calmed her down temporarily. She ate almost half my dinner.

Oh, there was a woman at a neighboring table who kept speaking to us while we ate. I am pretty friendly and didn’t mind but it was pretty awkward. It was super awkward when she asked whether we were having more kids and/ or planned on “getting fixed”. So very awkward. Then we headed to the Carousel mall and bought the kids some clothes and other assorted items and that was it. Nothing too exciting but it was nice spending time as a family.

I spent Sunday in a sleep deprived haze. The kids went to bed late, woke up early, AND both have decided that they are too cool for naps. Cameron was screaming off and on all day. The weather was perfect so naturally I tried spending as much time outdoors as possible. It wasn’t too easy given the fact that both kids were exhausted and mad at the world but we managed to have some fun. We made more pine cone bird feeders, played at the park, scribbled on the sidewalk, and went for a long walk. Standard, lovely weekend.

While the kids played I pulled out my camera. The sun was intense and it looked hazy out so I tried something different than usual. I’m not much of a hazy shooter or post processor but these were pretty cute.


What do you guys think?

 OH, and my guest post is up at The Creative Mama. I would love it if you would check it out. I am a huge fan of the writers there and TCM is my favorite collaborative site. You can find everything there from photography tips to incredible recipes.

The Creative Mama is all about everyday living with a touch of creativity. Check it out for me : ) but stay for the incredible content. I promise you’ll love it.

Happy Monday!