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for the love of new beginnings

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

It’e been an emotional week thus far for the Armstrong family. Preston attended his first day of Pre-K yesterday and we’re working through all sorts of feelings about it. He’s a big boy and emotionally ready for school. He craves intellectual challenges and interaction with kids his age. We chose a school we’re confident will suit his needs. We’ve attended several school related events, introduced Preston to his peers, and have done our best to prepare him.

I learned that my heart cannot be prepared fo the challenges that come with watching one’s child grow. It hurt for a moment as I watched him walk away. Knowing that he’d be surrounded by temporary strangers (but hopefully – eventual friends), a little confused about what was ahead, and wondering what his mommy, daddy, and best friend Cameron were up to.


Preston was tired and Cameron was clinging to him as usual. It didn’t seem odd to me but once Preston entered the building Cameron’s little lower lip began to quiver and it broke my heart. She wanted to be with her brother.


Big life events always trigger the internal mother versus photographer struggle. I want to do what I love most but I want to enjoy special moments with those I love most. I handed the camera to my husband but forgot to remove a polarizing filter I’ve had chilling on there. Don’t care. I love this photo.

It tells you the day’s story.

Preston: trying to make Daddy laugh. Cameron: trying to crack a smile despite her sadness over her buddy leaving. Me: excited and hopeful but shocked that I’m here.

How am I here? I’m a mother to two amazing little people. People! Not babies.



More clinging and concern. Poor Cameron was confused and out of sorts. She said she wanted to go to school with her big brother and all her girlfriends like she does at church. She’s so social. Her favorite thing in the world besides her messing with her brother is meeting friends – girlfriends – wherever she goes.


His face. Handsome, hopeful, and sweet. While I know this experience will be good for him it is hard letting go. Putting my faith in the hands of virtual strangers and handing over my baby was difficult. I’ve done it before but it’s different now. It’s for good. He’s a big kid. He’s in school for many years. He will never be a tiny baby wriggling around on my lap.


I let him go. I let his daddy take him to the classroom where new friends, adventures, and pursuits await him. As difficult as today was it reminded me of the gifts becoming a mother has given me.

Preston has made me a better person. He has a way of doing that. He is so wonderful you can’t help but want to be your best for him.

Watching Cameron become emotional over losing her buddy for a few hours made having them fourteen months apart worth it. They’re best friends.

What more could I ask for?

Next up in the blog circle is the incredibly talented Melissa.

enjoying summer

Monday, July 29th, 2013

ah, the occasional blogger’s dilemma. what to say after an extended absence.


life is good and so is summer. we’re enjoying it. i’ll be around.


how are you?

i’m back. again.

Monday, April 8th, 2013

I miss Europe but it feels great to be back.

We’re staying in lovely Palm Beach, Florida with my husband’s grandparents and loving every minute. The weather is perfect. The beaches are gorgeous. Our current pace of life is exactly what we needed. I’d like to call it a vacation but there isn’t much relaxation when little ones are afoot. We are having a blast though. London was amazing but the sunshine feels incredible. The London weather took a horrible turn prior to our departure. It was cold, blustery, and wet.

We can’t get enough of this lovely, warm Florida spring season.

It took me a hot minute to adjust to the time change. It hit me hard. Each day at about 7:00 p.m  (midnight in London before the recent daylight savings change) I’d start to fall apart. I fought the fatigue as best I could. I consumed the usual obscene quantities of coffee and handled all necessary business but I abandoned my favorite extracurriculars (blogging, photography, reading, etc). I survived but I’m glad it’s behind me. I dislike being tired and if you’ve been here a while you know I whine about exhaustion constantly.

I don’t like.

I haven’t fully processed our stay in London, visit to Paris, or the somewhat harsh reality that the next few months will be among the most challenging of our lives. I’m sifting through the memories slowly and the facts at record speed. Right now we’re focused on updating my résumé. I’ve decided to return to the outside of the home workforce (if I find the right role) and am currently applying to a few positions I’m interested in. I’m excited but it’s also a scary prospect.

Many changes are coming.

You do know we’re moving to Indianapolis, right? It’s finally a done deal. We’re buying a house. Enrolling Preston in pre-school and Cameron in the on-site daycare at my husband’s office. We’re finally settling down for a bit. It’s surreal. My husband graduates from Cornell next month and immediately after we’re Indy bound.

We’ve got a lot going on. Doesn’t everyone? Aside from being overwhelmed I’m great. I lost 15+ pounds while in London, I’m running regularly again (I missed it so much), and the kids are (mostly) sleeping through the night in their own room on their own beds at great grandma and grandpa’s where they’re spoiled beyond belief.


Things are fabulous over here. How are you?

Hello Spring.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


For the love of…

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Don’t judge me, I’m part of another blog circle. Just one more. I promise. I couldn’t help myself. Melissa of Throo the Lens Photography invited me to take part and I couldn’t say no. Her work is lovely and I’ve been a fan for a hot minute.

I absolutely adore meeting new photographers and clicking through blog circles so when I’m asked to take part I have a hard time saying no. This is it for me though. Last one.

Our blog circle’s theme is: For the love of… its open to interpretation which is cool because on posting day it’s a big surprise. I don’t know how the other photographers will interpret the theme and am excited to find out.

This month I chose: For the love of London.

I mentioned yesterday that a piece of my heart will stay here. Here are a few reasons why.


Energy: London has a distinct feeling I can’t quite articulate. I feel like I’m given a reason to smile by a stranger nearly each time I leave my house.


Playgrounds: her face says it all doesn’t it? Green space in the middle of winter. Lovely. Spectacular. Makes the kids tremendously happy.


Food: British food doesn’t have the best reputation but it’s unwarranted. The food here is great if you know where to go. I adore British food.

Another perk? Diversity. You can try anything here and if you are willing to spend some cash you can have the best of any international cuisine you desire. If you’re adventurous you can find a ton of multicultural spots on the cheap too.

Can’t lose either way.



Coffee: it’s everywhere. I made an adventure of it. I haven’t yet grown tired of trying new coffee spots. London is a coffee lovers dream.


Holland Park: our neighborhood. Busy but not crowded. Full of families. Close enough to the center of London to enjoy it’s most popular amenities but far enough away to maintain a sense of calm in a crazy busy city.

I love London.

Next up in the circle is Melissa. Grab a cup of coffee and get to know some amazing photographers.


*Note: If you’re wondering what’s going on with the Intro to iPhoneography series I had to temporarily pause the posts. A certain little girl doesn’t sleep at night and I haven’t been able to finish the last few. Everything should be back on track next week. Thanks for the all the love. I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed them.*

Signature Set Photoshop Action Giveaway

Friday, February 1st, 2013

You might remember Marissa Gifford from the amazing photography tutorial she graciously shared here last year. Marissa has been busy running a successful portrait business and developing some incredible Photoshop actions (Elements too!). I’ve been tinkering with them and am impressed.

I’ve gone through several phases with Photoshop actions. First as a new photographer who knew nothing about light let alone how to properly use an action and as a result had some inconsistent and unflattering post processing due to an unbridled enthusiasm for any actions I could get my hands on.



iPhone Sunday.

Sunday, November 25th, 2012