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Dear Ms. Easily Offended

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

*I will preface this mini rant by reminding you that I’m fairly nuts when low on sleep. That does not however minimize this important message to the easily offended. It needs to be said. Here goes*

Not everything ever said on the Internet is about you. I promise.

That post you saw on a Facebook wall about how much your high school band friend enjoys breastfeeding her newborn child is not a direct attack at you for formula feeding.

I swear.

The tweet your twitter friend helpfully retweeted about a formula coupon was not meant to undermine the breastfeeding struggles you have endured.

It wasn’t. She was just being nice.

Your girlfriend’s passion for car seat education is not a full-fledged judgement attack on you for that one time you were rocking out to Britney’s “Toxic” and nearly pulled out of the driveway without buckling the baby in.

Actually no one knew about it until I mentioned it. So. There you go.

Also if you don’t like people “judging” or “bashing” you for buckling up your child incorrectly stop posting pictures to various social media outlets of your child improperly buckled. People kindly informing you about car seat safety isn’t bashing. Seriously.

Oh, and yes. I’m talking to you. This one time it is about you. You know who you are.

Your cousin didn’t pin and “like” that pallet garden on Pinterest to mock your super awesome chia pet collection.

Seriously. No one is making fun of your Scooby-doo chia pet collection. Okay I am. But your cousin wasn’t. She just really freaking likes pallets.

Your sisters check in at an upscale spa in Vegas was not a thinly veiled jab at your acne.

If you feel that awful about it go get a facial. You’ll feel better afterwards. I promise. You may enjoy it so much that you temporarily cease your internet whining for a minute or two.

The church event Evite your great-aunt Matilda sent you is not a passive aggressive jab at your Wiccan practices and bimonthly wine club orgies.

Great aunt Matilda was just being nice and thought you’d enjoy a pancake breakfast.

That blog post your least favorite blogger wrote about how her two-year old son speaks Latin and plays the harp was not written to make you and your filthy, sand eating toddler feel inferior.

I have a sand eating occasionally filthy toddler too. I wasn’t offended. Children develop at different rates. It’s a fact of life and not a statement on the quality of your mothering. Pinkie swear. Kindergarten style.

Not everything everyone says on the Internet is a direct personal attack on you. Take my word for it.

Step away from social media. Frolic in a meadow. Get over yourself. Be happy.

Sometimes people like to say or do things because it makes them happy/it’s what’s on their mind/they find the topic amusing/they have passionate beliefs.

It’s not always about you.

Please calm down and stop polluting the Internet with your accusations of bullying, bashing, & judgment.

Good day.





He is totally talking about you.

*This blog will resume its regularly scheduled programming on Monday. Until then please enjoy these ramblings from a sleep deprived lunatic. Sponsored by two gorgeous toddlers who
hate to sleep.*

Oh, and this reminded me of one of my favorite Tupac songs. Psst, the edited word is “hos”. You’re welcome.

My crystal ball is now less foggy.

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Last week my husband was gone for four days and nights on his school immersion trip I won’t bore you with the details but it’s mandatory and we missed him. Sounds like he learned a lot and had a good time. I had a great week with the kids. Nothing out of the ordinary. The usual smiles, snuggles, and fun toddler times.

blowing bubbles

smiley toddlers

smiley toddlers

We were very much looking forward to the weekend because it is admitted student season. Destination Johnson is super hectic but very fun. I volunteered at my husband’s school Friday morning while my mother’s helper kindly babysat. It was great meeting prospective students and their spouses. Saturday night there was a big party for the business school and admitted students. My husband was the DJ so I was super excited to go. I had a fantastic time, drank a few beers without whining that I needed to go home, and met some great new people who hopefully decide to become part of the Johnson School family.

The kids woke up while we were gone and gave my mother’s helper/babysitter for the night a bit of a time. They were in good spirits but refused to sleep until we got home. We returned to two wild eyed babies who thankfully fell asleep in our arms fairly quickly. Sadly the kids and I (and apparently my mother’s helper) all woke up with head colds the next morning. I feel pretty crappy and so do the kids. It really stinks and I hope my husband doesn’t catch it because he only has three weeks of school left and lots to accomplish.

We received some great news which took my mind of my dripping nose. Our top choice location was approved by the company my husband is interning for this summer. We will be living in downtown Indianapolis in a three bedroom, three bathroom apartment in a high rise. I am so psyched. We’ve been in this itty, bitty apartment for a year and that sounds so spacious and luxurious to me. My poor husband will probably have to drag me out kicking and screaming on our last day. We are super excited for our upcoming road trip (23 days!) and adventures in a new city. It feels great to know *something* about our future. The uncertainty can be maddening at times. Now we just have to survive the rest of April and finals.

sunshine toddler

dandelion boy

How was your weekend?


Can't nobody hold me down..Oh no I got to keep on movin.

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Is this stuck in your head now? Oh, good that means you’re old like me.

This is one of those songs that stuck with me. I remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard it. Total game changer. The song they sampled is a classic too. All around winner. Golden oldies and such.

Anyhoo. HI!

I really miss blogging and checking in with you guys. I succumbed to a random plague that was going around graduate housing. I’m sure I caught it when a set of *adorable* twins coughed in my face a few weeks ago. No one enjoys being sick but I had never experienced the torture of being alone and sick with two sick toddlers for a week with no break. It was not a good time but it could always be worse and I am thankful that it has passed. Also, I am hopeful that I won’t catch another horrible cold this year. I can’t! This was my third severe cold in less than two months. Ugh, fingers crossed.

I have a ton of great news, pictures, and updates to share this week. I am slowly catching up. My mother and sister drove six hours to Ithaca, NY for an impromptu visit and I had a fantastic time. Actually I had too much fun during a date night with my husband. Apparently two glasses of wine and a beer over a span of four hours and thousands of calories is too much for my lame self to handle. I got sick. Use your imagination : ) My mother and sister found it pretty amusing and we spent Sunday kicking it at brunch with a fellow MBA wife and then plopped on the couch snuggling the kids for the rest of the day.

OH! And I broke one pair of glasses and lost another so if you notice anything awry with my internet musings or pictures there is my excuse. I cannot see a thing and need to figure out where to squeeze an eye doctor visit in. Boourns.

Here is a piece I wrote for BabyGizmo about using Pinterest for meal planning. Check it out, follow me, and let me see what awesome menu ideas you have up your sleeve.

Anyway, I hope everything is well with you guys. If you have today off I hope the sun is shining and you are enjoying your break. If you don’t I suggest you go hide in the bathroom and take a personal coffee break.

Breaking news: My husband *just* informed me that he was accepted into London School of Economics study abroad program. So we are London bound in about ten months. I am so excited that I cannot even stand the wait. LONDON!

Have a great day and take that, take that.


hanging with grandma

Grandma & Baby.

Monday Mantra

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Cmoney is sleeping (fighting sleep) on my lap so I am using the quiet time to upload some of my Project 366 & 52 pictures. I found this one. Very fitting for a Monday.


Pin It

If you are looking at my Flickr stream shaking your head – don’t judge me. Camera time has been rare lately. I am hoping to get back on track this week with my creativity or at least technical consistency. But I’m sick again so who knows : )

Happy Monday.

I miss this.

Friday, December 9th, 2011

It is freezing out. I am still sick and alone with the kids. My husband’s last final exam is on Tuesday. Can’t wait.

Thankfully I am feeling slightly better so I think I will bundle up the kids and go for a short walk.

I can’t believe this picture is from a few weeks ago. There was a heat wave. 60 degrees.

I miss that.

Happy Friday.



Mayday. Mayday. Mommy Overboard!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Things have been nothing short of hectic in my house as of late. I am dying over here. First the toddler came down with his worst cold in at least a year. We have been very fortunate this cold season in our home, most likely because we rarely leave the house. P has been out of daycare for four months now and this is his first real illness since his departure so I cannot complain but the poor guy was in awful shape. He had a horrible cough, slight fever, and the nose? ack the nose! G-ross.

C caught a cold when she was about three days old. P had brought it home from daycare. I was concerned at first but it seemed to only be a tiny sniffle and the pediatrician was not worried. Since then she has had a few more little colds with minor symptoms but not this time. This time she is coughing the saddest cough I have heard since P had croup last year. She has a horrible runny nose and is sneezing often. The bright side is she cracks herself up when she sneezes. She may also be teething.

Then I came down with mastitis. It was AWFUL. I felt rundown and then awoke at 3 a.m. to some excruciating burning pain. I will leave it at that but it was terrible. I was prescribed some antibiotics and am starting to feel better but it was not a good time. Oh and now I have caught the children’s cold. Awesome. I am taking Elderberry syrup hourly as prescribed by my Twitter friends but overall I am feeling pretty crappy.

There have been some bright spots. We went to ‘Sesame Street Live: Elmo’s Green Thumb’ and the kids LOVED it. C is in love with Elmo so I think she had an especially good time. I will post those pictures later.

My mother came to visit which was fabulous but she was only here for one day and night and it was exhausting for both of us.

We took the kids for a two hour ride to see their paternal great grandmother and they had a blast. They also got to hang out with their grandparents, uncle, and their dog. P seems to really like dogs which came as a huge relief to me. I do not trust anyone that doesn’t like dogs.

Anyway that is partly what I have been up to and why I have been internet quiet lately. I hope someday soon I am able to get it together enough to have an hour or two to myself to write more. For now I will wallow in my self pity :) and drink another tablespoon of Elderberry syrup.

Have a great day guys.