The perfect day.

Yesterday was perfect. Start to finish.

The kids let us sleep in a little (9 a.m. woot!), I went for a short run (ALONE!), we found a cute place to buy fresh apple cider donuts (it isn’t our beloved Shelburne Farms but the donuts were phenomenal), and carved pumpkins together as a family at Cornell. We had daddy all to ourselves for most of the day. Pweezy requested pizza for lunch. We went to a fabulous Italian restaurant. Daddy went to school to study.

That was it. Simple and perfect.

cute signorcharddonutsapple cider donut

The three of us are on our own today. I am sure today will be a great day but yesterday was perfect.

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  1. i love days like this!
    gorgeous photos and even more gorgeous little boy!

  2. Yum!! Wish we could find donuts here!! Definitley will seek some out next weekend :) great captures!!

  3. I’m glad you guys had such a great day. That donut looks delicious!

  4. Is it weird to say I want to hug your pictures? They are so cozy feeling.