Today I am jealous of Bethenny Frankel’s Sunday routine

It is Sunday and I am a creature of habit. It is time for Fadra’s Stream of Consciousness. Check out her blog, read the rules, and grab the button if you would like to participate. There are usually a bunch of really cool bloggers that link up. You might “meet” some new people and have the opportunity to get something off your chest.

#SOCsundayHere is my five minute unedited rant of the week:

I am not a huge fan of Bethhenny Frankel. Nope. Not at all. She has a big mouth and often puts her foot in it. I am referring to her comments regarding breastfeeding in public. Aside from that, meh, she seems nice enough.

Last night I was wide awake comforting a cranky teething baby and decided to read the New York Times. I came upon this atrocity: Bethenny Ever Relaxing.

I want Bethenny’s Sunday. Sure my Sundays are nice (I do everything in my power now that I do not have to work outside the home to ensure this) but I would like a Sunday like hers.

Bethenny Frankel NYC

Image Courtesy of The New York Times

It sounds so relaxing and fabulous to live womehere where one can just plop the baby in the stroller and head outside and find amillion different cool things to do. Vermont is beautiful but there is not much to do and it is cold. FREEZING!

My time is almost up. I am looking forward to my brunch and dinner guests today but I am srill mad at Bethenny for living in such  a fabulous neighborhood.




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  1. Bethenny turned me off with that whole Rachel Ray public breastfeeding thing, too.

    My Sundays are usually pretty lamesauce. I asked the huz to take a field trip with me today. He told me he’s watching the game at 12. Ok, then.

    • ugh I know. Rachel Ray is annoying as hell too. Aww where did you want to go? Go anyway. Screw March Madness!

      • Nowhere particularly exciting – just 1.5 hours away to do some family tree snooping. Needed a second pair of hands to do kid wrangling.

  2. Oh my goodness, I feel you on this! Whenever I read those articles about celebrity mom routines, it makes me just a little bit jealous. A lot. LOL!
    Brandi-Mama Knows It All recently posted… Argument – Stream of Consciousness SundayMy Profile

  3. Im not impressed with her either and I hope Vermont redeems itself in the summer :)
    Lisa Russell recently posted… Room for twoMy Profile

    • You’re sweet but it totally doesn’t. Summer is humid and gross here :O) Fall kicks ass though.

  4. it’s nearly 11 and i am sitting at the dining room table with my laptop and a diet cherry dr. pepper. did i mention i am still in my nightshirt? oh so glam! yah. my life IS NOT Bethenny-fabulous. but it’s not bad either.
    Deb recently posted… stream of consciousness Sunday – medicatedMy Profile

  5. I don’t like her either but I watched a few times just to see how cute her baby is….and yeah she is a cutie! Did anyone else notice that her baby gets two baths on Sunday?

    Michigan is the same way. Without Spring and Fall we’d be screwed.

  6. I’m not a fan of Bethany either. But I do like her recipes. And now? I’m jealous of her Sundays too. :)

  7. This is how oblivious I can be. I’ve heard the name but had to google Bethenny Frankel. Nope. Still don’t really know who she is. And apparently, I’d like to keep it that way. I actually had a really nice Sunday without her.

  8. ha. that’s funny, I had no idea who she was either. I mean, I’m waaaaaaay ahead of Fadra (snort) b/c I knew she was some kind of celebrity-for-no-reason, but beyond that…. lost.

    Maybe I need to go to the dentist or hairdresser’s more.

    But yeah – to have people to keep your life perfect so that you can go explore your awesome (expensive) neighborhood? That doesn’t sound like a hateful life.
    Kirsten recently posted… Five Minutes inside My HeadMy Profile

  9. My sister just told me I remind her of Bethenny. She annoyed me a bit as a Real Housewife (she wasn’t even married) and yesterday I tuned into her show for the first time just to see what my sister was talking about. I still don’t get it, except for the fact that I am pretty independent and like to tell it how it is, I don’t think I am anything like her. As for her life…yep, I’d like a Sunday like that too. Mine was spent wrangling two kids to nap so I could nap too!
    Melisa recently posted… Stream of Consciousness Sunday- SleepMy Profile

  10. yea I’d like a maid, and baby nurse to do everything for me too that way all I have to do is get myself ready and grab the baby as I walk out the door.
    Little BGCG recently posted… Flab to Fab Fridays errr Sundays Week 6My Profile