Wordless Wednesday: Babywearing Photos! Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival

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Daddy & Baby in the Ergo

In the Ergo

My Beautiful Sister

ME! Very Rare Photo Of Me Babywearing – Husband Usually Does All The Wearing

At The 2009 Champlain Valley Fair

My Sister – She Wrapped Herself w/ One Arm!

At 2009 National Breastfeeding Week Event in Burlington, Vermont

Our First Trip To The Lake 
At the Cheesecake Factory in Albany New York


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  1. Great pics! You guys make a cute couple, you're both good looking!

  2. I got the ill moby wrapping skills

  3. Adorable, you guys are a lovely family! I love seeing men wearing baby wraps and slings (with a baby in them, duh). I think my husband is very sexy when he wears baby Matthew in the Ergo :)

  4. your family is beautiful!

  5. I daddy doing all the babywearing! Yup-daddies wearing babies=very sexy!

  6. You guys are all way too sweet. Thank you. My husband is most pleased lol

    I agree with you guys dads wearing babies = sexy. Whats the "sexiest" dad babywearing mechanism though? Hmmm

  7. I think we might have the same wrap. Is that the orange Moby? Anyway, I love it. I love orange. Mine is so sentimental now that I'm done wearing my girls.

  8. Lauren @ Hobo Mama

    I was just going to say: I think you and Melodie have the same orange Moby. :)

    I love all those pictures. I love seeing dads wearing babies, especially mine! And I think I'm most impressed with your sister, who can wrap with one arm. Nice! My sister-in-law is also a babywearing champ, and it's so great to have family members who are excited about it as you are.

  9. Yes Melodie same one! Love that thing. What do you do with it now?

    Youre so right Lauren. It is totally a fun family activity and the babies looove it.